Horse walks death row to slaughter. Humane Farm Association photograph.

Unified Equine may have met its Waterloo in Missouri horse slaughter battle

Horse on the Way to Slaughter
Horse on the Way to Slaughter. Humane Farm Association photograph.

In a letter to Unified Equine’s attorney of record, Cynthia MacPherson Esq, who has been leading the battle to make sure horse slaughter does not return to US soil in Missouri, challenges the way Unified Equine, led by Sue Wallis, has solicited investors.

Also from the contents of this letter, it appears MacPherson has uncovered a web of lies and deceit that could potentially cost Missouri taxpayers $6 Million.

MacPherson has certainly demonstrated that the horse slaughter project is extremely ill-advised, as it is for any state entertaining such plans.

Link to Letter (pdf, 13 pp):



In other news, it is reported that Unified Equine “met a roadblock” to slaughtering horses at the location in question in Missouri. That roadblock was the strong objection of residents. Read report >>

It is also reported that Sue Wallis, CEO of Unified Equine, stated publicly that the location is no longer being sought. Well, I guess not. Even Wallis is not stupid enough not to recognize a “get out of town card” when she sees it. Still, Wallis insists a horse slaughter plant is coming to that part of Missouri. Called “cagey” about where that might be, she would not say. However, one has to apply for a license, which is public information. Read report >>

8 thoughts on “Unified Equine may have met its Waterloo in Missouri horse slaughter battle”

  1. Nothing seems to change Elle, and Congress is only one (tiresome, tedious) avenue. The same politicians introduce these bills Congress after Congress and do not work them. They delegate the work instead to the same group of people with no track record of success. It is very, very sad. That’s why we moved our main focus elsewhere and began maintaining a smaller presence on the Hill. The European parliament is actually responsive, and takes action. Of course it is their populace being fed the tainted horse meat which our politicians seem happy to send their way. Totally irresponsible and unscrupulous.


    1. I cannot wait until the EU stops receiving our slaughtered horses, mustangs, and foals (Filet du Fedon). Our government is terribly corrupt, save a few decent, honest Representatives and Senators. They seek the office out of vanity these days and not to perform a Civic Duty. They want the grand healthcare, the award winning gym and yes, the never ending Pension. It is all about greed. I say we toss them all and start over immediately. A pipe dream! It grows wearing, like my little 13 year old dog who is always hungry (she thinks) and haunts me until I pay her some attention. 3x a day and that is it!



  2. Ms. MacPherson’s letter was a blazing refutation of Sue Wallis and her followers. Sue Wallis will not give up though and my greatest fear is that letters to Obama will yield nothing. The letters from the kids will go directly to Ag where they will not pass go. The EWA is planning a Press Conference and I hope it is well attended and reaches National News. Maybe that will cause Ag to release the letters.

    I started this campaign last year however, I did not have any support from anyone, and folks said they were ‘too busy’ to write with their kids. I know the Teachers are behind this so that may yield plenty of letters. If they can get a minimum of 10K letters, that will make the National News. I pray that it does as Obama will be shamed into granting an executive order or he will suffer the wrath of the Parents and the Teachers.

    He should ban all Equidae slaughter, and the current bill does not specify anything further than horses. Ponies, foals, Burros, Mules or wild horses and Burros are not specified as to the last time I read the bill. I do not know who authors these bills, however, they are always incomplete!

    They must specify the species by name and include the FDA statement that horses and their cousins are considered companion animals and the medications they are given for pain or parasites (not to mention the drugs used in racing) are not intended for use for animals who will be consumed by humans.

    Maybe this year we have a chance. We just have to navigate Goodlatte in the House, Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the Senate and a few other evil doers who place ‘secret holds’ and refuse to release the bill from the Agriculture Committee in the House.

    Sounds like Ancient History, right Vivian?



  3. We here in MO have won a small battle, but it hasn’t ended yet. Without Cynthia MacPherson’s major contribution to preventing this horse slaughter plan, we wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as we have. Now, while there is a lull before we have to battle Wallis again, I’d like to ask everyone against horse slaughter in the US to contact your US senators & congressmen and tell them, or you can go to and tell Obama. You can also go to and browse petitions, then click Animals, thentype in search: horse slaughter and about 6 pages of anti horse slaughter petitions will come up and please sign as many of them as you can. If we can prohibit horse slaughter Nationally, we won’t have to do battle in each state.


    1. It may appear as a small battle, but you have won a major battle. Congratulations to Ms MacPherson and all the Missourians who made their voices heard. They must be won at the State level as the federal bills have not been successful and cannot be counted on to pass. Hence the reason we took the fight to Europe. You are right, Barbara, we need everyone to take part in everything available, at all levels, every time.


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