Pregnant Mare's Urine Collection

Int’l Fund for Horses calls on Pfizer to find alternative to Premarin like drugs

UPDATE. March 1, 2014. :: See Updated Letter to Pfizer

Pregnant Mare's Urine Collection

The Int’l Fund for Horses call on pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to find an alternative to the Premarin family of drugs. Premarin, Prempro and the anticipated “new” drug Aprela, manufactured with the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares, or conjugated equine estrogen.

In a letter to Pfizer, the Int’l Fund for Horses states:

In these days of cutting-edge genetic and bio-engineering, we question whether the use of pregnant mares’ urine (PMU) is a genuine necessity.

As you can appreciate, the use of CEEs in the treatment of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis is controversial and subject to criticism from a health perspective. Yet Pfizer continues to market these drugs despite the fact that CEE-derived medications such as Premarin® and Prempro® are listed as “known human carcinogens” by the National Toxicology Program as well as the World Health Organization.

At the same time the recent announcement to seek U.S. regulatory approval for the combined menopausal-osteoporosis drug Aprela® is a clear indication that Pfizer will continue its crusade without sufficient studies to validate this drug’s efficacy from a safety aspect. This is most unsettling particularly since the osteoporosis component – bazedoxifene – has yet to receive FDA approval.

Taken from the same letter, we believe the way of the future for Pfizer is this:

Given the great achievements the pharmaceutical industry has realized over the last few decades, we wonder why an industry giant such as Pfizer, self-described as “the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company”, is not using the most innovative and state-of-the-art methodology in developing safer and more effective drugs, but instead persists with decades-old technology that relies on the increasingly unpopular and detrimental use of animals.

We develop the idea above further, and end our letter thus:

Clearly our motive is to end the use of pregnant mare’s urine in drugs and the cruelties we perceive inherent to it. This communication is not intended to open a debate on that issue, but instead to invite you to eliminate the use of CEEs in the production of your pharmaceuticals, and replace it with an innovative technology. This would surely satisfy not only our purposes, but also yours with the benefit of drug efficacy and safety for those who choose to use them.

Although the letter to Pfizer from the Int’l Fund for Horses goes out under my signature, it was researched and written by Jane Allin, who has dedicated a large amount of time, energy and creative thinking on this issue, and how we may solve it, not just for the horses but also for the people who take these drugs. Jane is a great champion for horses, and we all owe her a great deal of gratitude.

Read our letter in full (pdf, 2 pp):


Premarin Horses Fact Sheet

March for PMU Horses


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16 thoughts on “Int’l Fund for Horses calls on Pfizer to find alternative to Premarin like drugs”

  1. Jane is a brilliant researcher and analyst. She writes concisely and in a manner that is able to be understood by the regular female and their Physicians. This call to action needs some press coverage! Will you be submitting it to the major papers in the US? If that happens that would be a real victory! When I protested Wyeth on Vivian’s behalf, the MEN were more concerned than the women. Men do not want harm to come to their wives, mothers, sisters, friends, or in some cases, daughters. It was a stunning revelation for me personally. Then Cheryl Ladd was no longer pushing it on CBS.



  2. With you guys all the way. Tks for sharing and yes tks to JANE. Shes a good sport and logic thinking. Bless the Horses and lets put this in history. No more suffrence. Better tomorrow and for all new young generations.


  3. Well I just want to say, thank you to Jane Allin, and thank you, to you, Vivian Grant, Int’l Fund for Horses for getting this done and putting the information out there. We have to get this stopped, for the horses and the woman taking these drugs. Is there going to be a letter we can print, sign and send to Pfizer?


    1. We have a flyer we are posting tomorrow, but you can have it now. It’s one page pdf here . The contacts are:

      Mr. Olivier Brandicourt
      President and General Manager, Primary Care
      235 East 42nd Street
      New York, NY 10017

      you may also send it to:

      Mikael Dolsten
      Worldwide Research & Development


      Ian Read
      Chairman of the Board and CEO

      at the same address above in New York.


  4. They’ve had a synthetic for decades! They just don’t want to put the rug from under their big business they’ve had going for decades. We’ll force them to give it up, don’t use it, tell your friends not to use it. Pfizer is pushing their crap in other countries now, taking advance of innocent women.


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