Garrett Gomez rides Out of Bounds to victory in the Sham Stakes. FoxSports Image.

Kentucky Derby domino effect again in play as one by one the horses fall

Garrett Gomez rides Out of Bounds to victory in the Sham Stakes. FoxSports Image.
Garrett Gomez rides Out of Bounds to victory in the Sham Stakes. Out of Bounds if off the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown trail with a fractured left foreleg. FoxSports Image.

Last year we saw what we thought was an unseasonably high number of injuries and setbacks to horses on the dream trail to the Kentucky Derby. But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare for many of the horses, trainers, owners and their fans.

The Kentucky Derby domino effect is again in play this year as one by one the horses fall.

Here is what the Kentucky Derby injury trail looks like so far this year.

LAST UPDATED: March 16, 2012

Off the Kentucky Derby Trail: 2012

Stephanobetatee Graham Motion Chipped pastern.
Algorithms Todd Pletcher Condylar fracture, left foreleg.
Out of Bounds Eoin Harty Fracture, left foreleg.
Fed Biz Bob Baffert Hind end issue.
Spring Hill Farm Todd Pletcher Right knee fracture.
Junebugred Steve Hobby Ankle chip
Consortium Kiaran McLaughlin Right front ankle chip.
Gentlemen’s Bet Wayne Catalano Condylar fracture right front ankle.
Chips All In Jeff Mullins No injury disclosed; rested for a summer campaign on the turf.
Sky Kingdom Bob Baffert No injury disclosed; needs 60 days rest.

Interesting side note from Gary Roedemeier reporting for WHAS Channel 11 Louisville:

Algorithms and Consortium are both Benardini colts. Bernardini offspring are quickly getting a reputation as “fast but fragile.” Consortium’s stablemate Alpha is another Bernardini with a shot at the Derby and trainer Kiaran McLaughlin says he’s dong fine in Florida and will run in the Wood Memorial or Florida Derby.reports WHAS TV Louisville.

See Two more Derby contenders suffer injury >>

I believe that sums up most modern day Thoroughbreds in N. America: fast but fragile.

Toby's Corner upsets Uncle Mo in 2011 Wood Memorial. ESPN Image.
Toby's Corner upsets 1-9 favorite Uncle Mo in the 2011 Wood Memorial. Trained by Graham Motion the horse was withdrawn from the Kentucky Derby due to unspecified near hind injury. ESPN image.

This is what the Kentucky Derby injury trail looked liked last year.

Off the Kentucky Derby Trail: 2011

Anthony’s Cross

Eoin Harty No reported injury but has shown no works since April 18, a week after finishing fifth in the Santa Anita Derby.
Arthur’s Tale Tom Albertrani Popped a splint in left front leg.
Boys from Toscanova Rick Dutrow Ankle injury.
Gourmet Dinner Steve Standridge Sore shin.
Jaycito Bob Baffert Scratched. Bruised right hoof training.
Premier Pegasus Myung Kwon Cho Hairline fracture in the cannon bone of his left foreleg; underwent surgery.
Riveting Reason Myung Kwon Cho Hoof injury.
Rogue Romance Ken McPeek Reported bruised foot turned into a fractured left forefoot. Not deemed to be career ending.
Swift Warrior John Terranova Condylar fracture right foreleg.
Tapizar Steve Asmussen Bone chip in knee.
The Factor Bob Baffert Displaced palate in Arkansas Derby. Underwent myectomy.
Toby’s Corner Graham Motion Withdrawn; unspecified issue involving his left hind leg.
To Honor and Serve Bill Mott Sidelined with suspensory injury.
Uncle Mo Pletcher Last minute scratch, reason unknown. Later diagnosed with GI tract infection.

Injured in the Kentucky Derby: 2011

Archarcharch Jinks Fires Suffered a fracture in the front of his left leg at the start of the Kentucky Derby, Bramlage says not life threatening. Retired.
Comma to the Top Peter Miller Suffered an injured left ankle, chip fracture. Finished last in the Kentucky Derby.

Injured Post Kentucky Derby: 2011

Dialed In Nick Zito Favorite after late scrach of Uncle Mo, injured following Triple Crown races, right knee chip.

Where are the injured Derby hopefuls of 2011 now?

According to a horse racing forum, the following horses have been on and off the worktab, and a few have raced.

Arthur’s Tale
Boys at Toscanova
Comma to the Top
Riveting Reason
Rogue Romance
Swift Warrior
The Factor
Toby’s Corner
To Honor and Serve

ArchArchArch and Uncle Mo are both retired.

The others, such as Gourmet Dinner, appear to be unaccounted for at the moment. Let’s hope Gourmet Dinner did not fulfill his unfortunate name, and end up on someone’s dinner plate.

PLEASE NOTE: This information was compiled and is up-to-date as of this writing. However, it is not a comprehensive list and does not include 2 year olds aimed at the Kentucky Derby. We understand from racing insiders that would make quite a list as well. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby domino effect again in play as one by one the horses fall”

  1. STOP THE RACING ALL TOGETHER, Since no one wants to take the respnsiblity to train correctly, retired the horse timely,provide the care that is needed, it just shouldnt be happening.WE ARE DESTROYING THE HORSE.


    1. Bev, that too is one of my ‘Pipe Dreams’. If they were allowed to grow up, race barefoot on grass, given zero drugs, then I may think differently.



  2. How much more obvious must it be that we are destroying this breed? The mare has more influence on the foal’s lifetime outcome. Zenyatta is an outstanding mare and hopefully her offspring will take after her than the sire. At some point somebody has to utter these words” “Something smells rotten in Denmark.’



  3. As someone else on one of the blogs pointed out these horses are man made. They are just as fragile as high priced race cars and they fall apart just as easily too. No one will ever know how many foals on these breeding farms are put down because of broken bones and other injuries before they are 6 months old. But they keep right on breeding them just the same with no caring what soever.


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