Star Plus pointing his toe to win. PR image.

Peace at last for Star Plus; injured Thoroughbred off the track and retired to Old Friends

Star Plus pointing his toe to win. Source Image.
Star Plus pointing his toe to win. Source Image. Click to enlarge.

The Paulick Report posts the following on “Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday”:

Today I have much better news to report. Star Plus has been purchased back by Earle I. Mack, who imported the son of Alpha Plus from his native Argentine and raced him in allowance and stakes company from 2008-10, when his career was cut short by a serious injury. He will be moved to Old Friends in Georgetown, Ky., where he can live out his days in tranquility, something that can’t be said about the last year. Mack is making [a] generous donation to the horse retirement operation to ensure he is well cared for.

This is the last and perhaps most satisfying chapter in the life of this Thoroughbred racehorse, and we are so happy that the racing gods have smiled upon him.

There were many people who worked on behalf of Star Plus to make this all possible, going well beyond the call of duty to help get the injured racehorse off the track and into retirement as his owner originally stipulated.

Paulick adds:

Several people had been working pro bono on Mack’s behalf, both with the racing commissions and in attempting to repurchase Star Plus and ensure his safe being, including a trio of attorneys, Karen Murphy, Maggi Mossi and Fred Heyman. Then there were the 1,000-plus people who, within three days of an article about Star Plus’s plight in the Paulick Report, had signed a petition demanding the horse be spared from further racing.

We brought the petition to your attention here on Tuesday’s Horse. If you were one of whose who signed, on behalf of Star Plus and all of his caring connections, thank you.

A huge thank you to Ray Paulick, who brought the plight of Star Plus to everyone’s attention and certainly galvanized the movement to protect this horse.

It is so wonderful to have good news to report this Friday and any other day we can about horse racing.

Read full story at the Paulick Report >>

4 thoughts on “Peace at last for Star Plus; injured Thoroughbred off the track and retired to Old Friends”

  1. This is great to know. I am glad the horse survived and is now safe.

    Like everyone else feels, what about the thousands who die every year in slaughter and from abuse? Many owners are not wealthy. Many owners are not going to able to buy a horse back and then find it a home after it has been sold or donated to an organization. The smaller owners end up dumping a horse at a claiming race and then, the inevitable auction looms with the usual connection to a kill plant. That is the chain of events that has to be stopped before any other concerns are addressed.

    There are many more horses who need homes and help. We need to see an end to slaughter first. We have to make sure that every TB has a decent life.That is basic.

    As to enforcement from racing, all I have read so far is bickering, denial, accusations and blame in social media. I stoppped reading it since it focused on egos and personalities instead of practical reforms which are desperately needed. Example, Stronach was voicing concerns about racing’s image after “Luck” was cancelled. What about the 3 deaths? What about the rest of the horses from that show? No one has ever responded as to where those specific horses are right now. They could have all ended up at a kill pen. This is ridiculous.

    “Image”? The problem is, that is racing’s image. No one likes it.

    I hope that this investigation bears some useful fruit. Racing can reform all day but unless slaughter ends first, calls for reform are not going to matter. The silence about slaughter ruins racing for fans, along with the abuse.

    This generation does not want to know that horses and people are abused at tracks and will not pay for it. They are sick of the corruption.

    The good people in racing can’t speak out and that is a real problem for racing. The entire truth has to be known and acknowledged by racing itself before any real reforms can take place. As a former OTTB owner, I am not interested in seeing racing get any of my money, in any way.



    1. I have never been able to get an answer, straight or otherwise, as to where HBO got the horses, where they are now, and all the rest, just as you say. I read somewhere the horse who shattered his front leg into 19 pieces had been off the track for 2 years. Where?

      Totally concur about all the bickering and defensive stances, excluding as you say, anything about how to improve the horses’ lives, without which they would have no sport, if you can even call that any longer.




    1. I did read about CHAVEZS place, what a sick man, and his wife going along with the suffering that takes place there. What ever happened to him and his ranch, anything at all?


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