Premarin Civil War Deaths Flyer Artwork

Pfizer anti Premarin flyers drifting in

Premarin Civil War Deaths Flyer Artwork

Isn’t it funny how some things work out and in ways you least expect.

A friend of a friend of yet another friend has a niece who is working in New York, who just happens at the moment to be employed at Pfizer. She mentioned that she noticed some mail coming in with cute little horses on it, having to do with one of their drugs, Premarin.

Staff were looking at the flyer and talking about it. One employee looked stunned, commenting she didn’t know Premarin was made from pregnant mare’s urine. Some were making copies of the flyer to show to friends.

When we asked how many flyers she saw, she said about 20 – 30.

Now this is one department, and we know more than that have been sent. However, our public outreach is in the many thousands, not only through our email list, but also through social media and this blog.

Can you imagine if even half of the people we asked to send the Premarin flyer, sent it? Pfizer would be littered with them. And what a statement that would make, right?

Maybe you are thinking, what’s the use, Pfizer are never going to listen to us. They are never going to stop making a multi-million dollar revenue-producing drug.

Perhaps not. But they could eventually be persuaded to replace Premarin with a new HRT drug that did not involve horse waste and make them as much if not more money.

Look at the impact that handful of flyers had.

Sending this flyer to Pfizer also alerts them to the fact that we are keenly aware of this issue and we are not going to forget these horses or let them forget either.

We are asking everyone who reads this post to get an envelope and a stamp, and address it to one of the addresses below. Print the flyer (pdf, 1 page), fill it out and mail it.

Bullet Pfizer Million Horses Have Died Flyer

Contact Information

Mr. Olivier Brandicourt
President and General Manager, Primary Care
Pfizer Inc.
235 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

you may also send it to:

Mikael Dolsten
Worldwide Research & Development
Pfizer Inc.
235 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Ian Read
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Pfizer Inc.
235 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

On behalf of the horses suffering and dying to produce the Premarin family of drugs, we thank you.

12 thoughts on “Pfizer anti Premarin flyers drifting in”

  1. Lee you are living in a balloon, those horses are tied all day and all night in stalls 3 feet wide with catheters leading to a bag, after the foal is born that foal is taken away and either raised to become the next mare crop, killed or sold to slaughter, as for the mares when they do not concieve again, than off they go to slaughter or perhaps someone will buy them
    yes my letter will go out for the mares. can you imagine in aisa , where there will be no eyes looking at the conditions and quality of life of the horses then the horses are fed to the people turns my stomach


    1. That’s terrific Bev. I wish we have more people taking part. We would love to paper Pfizer with letters and flyers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We cannot forget these precious horses.


  2. With all synthetic drugs available,why are they still tortureing horses? A drug company of this magnitude shouldn’t be behind the times of medical progress.I suggest That Pfizer catch up to 2012 and stop this gone by act of cruelty.


  3. This article doesn’t make sense to me, I have never heard of this issue, so I have no background. I just clicked a link on a friend’s Facebook page out of curiosity.

    So, they use a pregnant horse’s urine to produce Premarin? Do they kill the pregnant horses to collect the urine directly from the bladder? Or do the horses “pee in a cup”, so to speak? The cartoon implies many horses die… but how do they die? If you want people to get behind an issue you should be clear about what exactly that issue is. How are the horses being abused in the making of this drug? Are they being abused, or is this more about people thinking using expelled horse urine in pharmaceuticals is “disgusting”?


    1. They don’t die, they are kept inside in the harsh winters in Canada but are exercised daily–it is a highly regulated–and they spend the summers raising their foals in huge pastures. The foals are double registered and highly sought because of double the incentive fees for showing. There are only maybe a total of 1500 horses left in the PMU industry. The medications are also used to help treat prostate and other cancers. I think anyone whining about it, drawing non-factual cartoons, and so on should really research the matter first. A lot more horses die from negligence and irresponsibility daily than in this industry annually…and urine is collected with non-invasive procedures.


      1. Dear Lee, our reports are the facts. We have researched it, thoroughly, over the years. If you go on the internet, there is a wealth of information including video and photographic documentation supporting what we say.

        I do not believe these are your personal views. Your comment sounds like it was written by Norm Luba or NAERIC.


      2. I don’t know where you did your “research” but you need to check with the folks who rescue the poor mares and their throw away babies as to their conditions. Double register? Why would the foals be registered to go to slaughter? You really need to get your facts straight. would be a good place to start.


      3. I believe you need to do the research Lee.

        None of the hormonal treatments you are referring to for the treatment of cancer contain CEE’s. In fact using CEE-derived hormone treatments for any estrogen dependent cancer would simply be ludicrous. “Hormonal therapy” rather than HRT for the treatment of menopausal symptoms acts diametrically to HRT. While the use of progesterone-like medications block the activity of estrogen, drugs such as Premarin or Prempro containing CEE’s are antagonistic in nature and raise estrogen levels and would therefore supplement or feed the cancer.

        Perhaps to you the fate of the PMU horses is irrelevant but for myself and others this is not the case. It’s as if you are saying there is no justification for advocating for these horses. Besides, while the number of PMU mares has rapidly declined in North America, what about the ones that are now “employed” in foreign countries? You seem to think that this will simply go away once there are no more left here.

        Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.


  4. Vivian,

    I have a copy of a video (VHS) titled Look Into Their Eyes which tells the ugly truth about Premarin. I have been involved with the movement for many years.

    The video was produced by United Animal Nations in 1999, directed by Dee Beaugez of Visual Imagry, Inc., and composed by Robert Forman.

    I have not checked to see if this is on You Tube. But maybe it’s time to bring it back.

    contact info for United Animal Nations is:
    Email –
    Website –


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