New York City carriage horse. ASPCA image. Image not filed with original story.

Animal advocates crash carriage horse retirement event

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New York City carriage horse. ASPCA image. Image not filed with original story.
New York City carriage horse. ASPCA image. Image not filed with original story.

A tense turn of events took place Sunday in Midtown as animal rights activists showed up at an event for supporters of the carriage industry.

Protesters rallied at an announcement about a new retirement plan for horses that can no longer pull carriages.

And while demonstrators disagree, supporters of the “Blue Star Equiculture” sanctuary say it’s a suitable home for retired horses.

“I have the utmost faith in the people that run Blue Star, who are former carriage people as well, that the care and everything he will be receiving will be paramount to any other rescue facility anywhere across the eastern seaboard,” said Carriage Driver Stephen Malone.

“This is shameful and disgraceful because we know so many horses are sold and thrown to the garbage pile of the slaughter auctions, and that’s the last stop before the slaughter house and that’s what’s been happening for years and years,” said Friends of Animals Director Edita Birnkrant.

The Horse and Carriage Association says the first horse being sent to Blue Star retired this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Animal advocates crash carriage horse retirement event”

  1. This is just another example of just how determined and relentless the anti-carriage horse extremists and their friends the animal rights activists are to besmerch the reputations of carriage horse owners in NYC and elsewhere.

    Why in the world would ANYONE protest a horse being retired to a farm where he will receive appropriate exercise, care and affection fro the rest of his life?

    The anti-carriage horse people do not REALLY care about these horses. This video plainly shows their campaign is all about CONTROL. They want to ban the carriages in NYC AND they want to be the ones to decide what happens to the horses afterward– horses that DO NOT BELONG TO THEM.

    Their campaign is not only one that thries to force small business people out of their livelihoods, displace hrses that already have good homes and a purpose, BUT it is also an attack on PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS as guaranteed under the US Constitution.

    AND, despite years of denial that they interested in banning carriages everywhere, and not just in NYC, this information gathering form is PROOF that they intend to attack carriage horse owners everywhere.

    And the carriage horses will be only the FIRST line of their attack. If successful in banning carriage horse owenrship, they intend to move on to other equine enterprises and pastimes. Don’t bnflieve me? Just cvisit any of their websies and facebook pages and read the posts. The groups to check out are, PETA, of course. But also check out Win Animal Rights, Friends of the Animals, Horses Without Carriages International, the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and the Animal Liberation Front. There are others as well, but these are good for a start.


  2. Shows you their true idiocy. That they would protest a rescue/sanctuary that is willing to provide for those horses when its time for them to retire.

    They are animal radicals they have an agenda and don’t care or see past it.


    1. I believe it is because Blue Star Sanctuary supports the carriage horse industry while the protesters want it shut down. Here is a statement from their website..

      “We are very concerned about the misconceptions the general public has about working horses and we intend, through our carriage horse retirement program and working horse advocacy, to shed some light on how valuable the carriage industry is for the horses and the community.”


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