Close up of the eye of the horse.

The Noble Horse: Nat’l Geographic Documentary online (free)

Close up of the eye of the horse.

In case you have been looking for a documentary on the history of horses and man and its impact, look no further than this National Geographic gem. It is called The Noble Horse.

It is free to view online.


Discover the power, mystery, and romance of horses, one of nature’s most magnificent creations. The mystical bond between humans and horses has endured throughout the ages. Travel back in time 4,000 years to the magic moment when the relationship between man and horse was forever changed. Thrill to wild stallions sparring on the Western plains, marvel at the high-stepping display of the Spanish horse, and hear hooves thundering like heartbeats as rare horses are reintroduced to their Mongolian home. Horses have been our faithful servants, our tireless comrades, and our loyal friends. National Geographic offers a privileged look at the many ways that horses have captured our imaginations and our hearts.


7 thoughts on “The Noble Horse: Nat’l Geographic Documentary online (free)”

  1. A friend of mine stated this on my FB page and I thought it was a brilliant statement: “If only people knew that when they ingest this meat, they are ingesting the molecules of intense emotional suffering and these molecules become part of them. And when we accept torture of animals, it is one of the first steps in a collective sociopathic pathology”


    1. This is the reason blessing any animal you are to eat has always been the honorable manner of taking their life. Mass corporate slaughtering feeds humans meat fibers whose cells are full of adrenaline of fear and terror. Grandins plans were to allow mass slaughtering while keeping animals “calm.” Her designs kept the animals from communicating well. Such a disgrace. And we live now in a society of narsisstic rude and violent behaviors which are sociopathic.


      1. Temple Grandin, in my opinion, is the patron saint of animal slaughter. People flock to her nonsensical ideas because it soothes their conscience about the cruelty inherent to meat eating. Meat eating means taking an innocent life. Absolutely nothing changes that. The tragic thing is meat eating is not necessary, at all. Quite the contrary.


  2. I think I saw this when it was first on television. It’s a good film, it’s to bad humans have forgotten what the horse has done for humanity. Now every country sends them to be slaughtered. All of the quarter horses that was shown in the film probably ended up in the slaughter pipeline and the show horses also. Even as much as England loves their horses they still send them to slaughter just like the US and every country I can name. It is one of the most shameful acts any horse owner can ever do to their horse. This film never mentioned that the Mongols also ate their horses just as their descendants do now.

    I saw a National Geo film a few years ago about a researcher that was writing a article about these same people and he lived with them for a few weeks and he ate horse meat at every meal. Also in 2011 this same area of the world had such a hard winter that thousands of livestock died including their horses. Many of them had to move to the cities in order to survive.


    1. So true. Why people want to eat horse meat, or the flesh of any dead animal, is beyond me. As long as people do it, slaughter will continue unabated.

      Our research shows that the eating of horse meat is declining in Mongolia. But they are still drinking the milk. The idea of dairy makes me feel icky too; horse milk … I just don’t know (shiver). Have a great Easter, Barbara.


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