Horse walks death row to slaughter. Humane Farm Association photograph.

Valley Meats slaughter plant in NM plans to butcher horses

Horse on the Way to Slaughter
Horse on the Way to Slaughter. Humane Farm Association photograph.


LARKSPUR, CO (April 10, 2012) — Through its own investigation, Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has discovered that Valley Meats Co., 3845 Cedarvale Rd, Roswell, NM, has applied for inspection of horses to be “custom slaughtered” and “processed” for human consumption. According to the facts uncovered, the facility has been involved in extended discussions with the Denver office of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The FSIS inspects animals and meat in American slaughterhouses under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Horse slaughter for food is a national disgrace, given the iconic nature of American horses and the especially brutal methods used to kill them. FRER has mounted an extensive legal battle to keep American horses from being slaughtered for food, in or out of the country, in light of last November’s Congressional appropriation of funding for horse meat inspections. In the last three weeks, along with the Humane Society of the United States, FRER has filed two Petitions for Rulemaking [hyperlinks], asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FSIS to enact rules and regulations which would prevent American horses from being slaughtered. The Petitions have gotten significant attention, and FRER intends to continue to amplify its legal strategy for as long as it takes to eliminate the possibility of horse slaughter in America.

If it is allowed to open, the Roswell plant would be the first slaughterhouse opened since horse slaughter in the U.S.ended five years ago. A recent poll shows at least 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter. Valley Meats and any other horse slaughterhouses must be stopped, and the USDA and FDA must see the danger and illegality of producing horse meat from American horses. FRER calls on all concerned citizens and groups, in and out of New Mexico, to support its efforts by contacting state, local and federal officials and voicing your strong objection to the resumption of this horrific practice in America.

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Source: Press Release


Rick Santos,
Valley Meat Company
‎3845 Cedarvale Rd
Roswell, NM 88203-9020

Mayor Del Jurney
425 N. Richardson
P.O. Box 1838
Roswell, NM 88202-1838

Roswell Convention Center and
Roswell Visitors Bureau
912 N Main
Roswell, NM 88201

Roswell Chamber of Commerce
131 W 2nd Street
Roswell, NM 88201

Roswell/Chaves County Economic
Development Corporation
P.O. Box 849
Roswell, NM 88202


When Horse Slaughter Comes To Town-March 28, 2012 (pdf, 25 pp)

9 thoughts on “Valley Meats slaughter plant in NM plans to butcher horses”

  1. Nancy, good post. Anyone who feels that slaughter of horses can be excused for any reason is unfamiliar with any facts about this topic. As we all know, slaughter is all about taking healthy horses by theft or some other means (usually killer buyers who lie or acquisition by outbidding decent buyers at poorly run and inhumane auctions) and selling them for fast cash. There is no reason for any slaughter of any horses except greed and unethical people who will do anything for some quick cash.

    The biggest lie of all is that any equines need to die. That lie is used by those who know nothing about the topic and those who have an interest in the money from killing useful, healthy horses for consumption in some countries in Europe and elsewhere.

    The “meat” from our horses is not safe for human consumption. Is dog or cat “meat” safe? These animals are not raised to be eaten. They are companions and friends to man.

    I am glad to see this information available for use. Ending the killing of our US bred horses needs to be a first priority. U S Taxpayers lose 123 million a year to this unethical and useless activity. This battle has been fought for decades and it is time this disgusting scourge on this country ended. There is no need for any discussion about horses to include this strange obsession with killing them. Live horses generate income and always have.

    The constant refrain re killing them comes from those who make fast cash from killing horses or those who know nothing about this topic. There is a need for more education about this topic. There is plenty of reputable and recognized reporting about this topic. It only takes reading. A background with horses also helps. bills HB2966 and S1176.


  2. Jesus Christ! When will bad people w/ nothing better to do stop abusing horses, the kindest, most majestic animal around! I think we should open a slaughter house to slaughter these disgusting men w/ nothing better to do.

    If it’s not horse racing and horse abuse in general, it’s dog fighting, dog racing, cock fighting… why can’t they find other things to do w/ their time then abuse animals????


    1. Well, Nancy, Jesus doesn’t have anything to do with this, but perhaps you should educate yourself before commenting on such a serious subject.


  3. When I first saw this I put together a packet of information that included a CD from the secret video taken from the Bouvry slaughter plant in Canada. Also in the packet was the 24 page, When a Horse Slaughter House Comes to Town along with information about the drugs. I sent this first the to Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez at:

    Office of the Governor, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Room 400 Santa Fe, NM 87501.

    Tomorrow I’m dropping in the mail the same information to the Mayor of Roswell. I have been doing this for the past three years but it really became effective when I started sending the CD along with it. It was so effective that it caused my state rep. to sign on to Bill H.R. 2966.

    The CD was downloaded from:

    It was saved on my hard drive and the CD’s were burned, they came out perfect. So far I have sent out at least 25 or 30 to different Governors, members of city government in numerous states. It costs about $3.00 to send this amount of paperwork along with the CD in its holder. I don’t use the padded mailers because it drives the price up, simply tuck the CD in between the paperwork and it cushions it.

    Keep in mind that a lot of these officials don’t know much about animals as they have been raised in condo’s, apartments and the burbs. I know one thing the CD has a mental effect on anyone that sees it because of the cruelty.


    1. Barbara, I will send you a video of the “starving” horses that have been dumped and abandoned on the New Mexico deserts. Then you can decide which is more cruel.


      1. For people who believe that horse slaughter will alleviate horse abuse, abandonment etc, consider this.

        These types of situations occur because people choose to behave in a cruel and irresponsible way. If no one was interested in eating horse meat therefore horse slaughter never existed, do you really think there would be no cruelty, abuse, abandonment?

        Come on. Use your noggins!

        People who slaughter horses do not do it as a service to horses and their owners. They do it to supply a demand for horse meat and make money from it. Because they are shamed by it, they are constantly looking for reasons to justify it. This is just another lame example.

        It is all cruel, and a horrible betrayal.


  4. This needs to be posted on all social media so everyone can contact Congress and tell the truth. Any opportunistic operator will do anything for cash. Until transport to slaughter is ended, many will try to get in. That is why Congress needs constant contacts from all taxpayers.

    Taxpayers have to force Congress to act or this will never end. There will be a thousand more who try this after the next effort is defeated.

    The TN vote is supposed to be Monday. TN is fighting that now. Contacts have told me they are opposed. Unless everyone acts, that effort will happen. Now, NM. After that, others. Once they open here our fight gets even tougher. That is what Canada is dealing with now. If it took TX over 20 years to rid itself of Dallas Crown, it may take more than 20 years to get rid of a domestic company which opens here. This company is trying to ride the coat tails of the foreign-owned corps who are paying members of Congress right here in the US.

    The corrupt slaughter interests are putting on a full court press. Then we have to do the same and insist on coverage from every national media outlet available until every taxpayer is made aware of this effort to use our horses for fast cash for corrupt interests in Congress and elsewhere.

    This is a US issue right now. We need coverage of this entire issue in national media so we can fight back. No one knows what is happening.Voters are not educated and a few active volunteers can’t do it all alone.

    The one answer is to force Congress to pass the bills they have had for ages. Nothing else will ever stop this effort to kill our pets and friends, the horses. If we do not respond by forcing Congress to act and make sure that every media outlet knows the truth, the innocent will go one being tortured and killed.

    We need taxpayers to contact Congress and object to this constant bullying. With all of the emotion about this issue, few will bother to contact Congress and demand an end to transport to slaughter. Unless all of us act, this will happen in the US. Our horses die every day. We have no time for emotional appeals to Mankind’s better nature. These people know it is wrong and they don’t care.

    US taxpayers lose 123M a year to this scam. Everyone cares about that. Fight the corruption and more taxpayers will get outraged and maybe a few will contact Congress. Corrupt members of Congress and corrupt influences in business don’t care about the horror of this mass killing of the innocent. They want cash and that is all they care about.

    If we don’t fight for the lives of the innocent via a cash basis, we will lose this fight. bills HR2966/S1176


  5. What is this? It seems as if the pro-slaughter folks are thumbing their noses at the anti-slaughter folks. “You don’t like it, so we’re going to do it.” It can’t possibly be about the money, because Valley Meat Co. is not a European meat concern with a lot of money. Another one of those “if you invest in it, it will be built” senarios where the taxpayers and landowners end up paying the price of a horse slaughter plant in their town. Or is the foreign concerns pulling a ruse and pretending to be a local slaughterhouse. This has to stop and Congress can stop it, but do they have what it takes. Questionable, since each senator seems to be beholden to someone. Only hope is it is not big agriculture.


    1. I know Tim. What indeed? Did they not see what happened in Missouri? It was a foreign concern who were going to get the taxpayer to foot the bills of all the nasty troubles that go with having a horse slaughter plant, and just lease it. Just like with renting an apt, you don’t pay for the maintenance etc. They don’t pay taxes, and laugh all the way to the bank, while the community gets stuck with all the horrible negative impact on their community.


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