Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette

Horse Slaughter Sue promotes her mission in New Mexico under new guise


Sue Wallis has created yet another organization to front her pursuit of horse slaughter. It is called the International Equine Business Association ( Beware anyone who does business with this association.

We give as little attention as possible to Horse Slaughter Sue, but feel in this instance it is warranted.

Wallis, in an attempt outrun the embarrassment — and perhaps even legal action — connected with her other failed horse slaughter enterprises, is attempting to rebrand herself, again.

It is under this new name Wallis is now promoting her grisly mission in New Mexico. The first offering we have come across from her new organization is a letter to the State’s Governor defending Dennis Chavez against horse cruelty charges. Dennis Chavez is the owner of the Southwest Livestock Auction and Feedlot in Los Lunas, New Mexico, the subject of an Animals’ Angels’ expose of gross mistreatment and cruelty on his premises (video report below).

It opens with:

The International Equine Business Association (IEBA) has been formed to protect and promote the horse industry and steps forward to assist equine businesses under attack from dishonest, and unethical, radical animal rights organizations.
Dennis Chavez and Southwest Livestock of Los Lunas have been under scrutiny, and have been vilified on the Internet and in media outlets because of disturbing videos of horses in very poor condition, that were subsequently euthanized. Most of these reports contain biased and speculative information implying that the horses were mistreated by Mr. Chavez.
Missing from the public discussion are any voices from the livestock industry, veterinarians, or experts in animal care and handling. While we wait for the results of the New Mexico Livestock Board’s investigation, IEBA has been gathering facts and testimony. The analysis of these findings results in an alarming picture of special interest group stalking and harassment of a legitimate livestock business.

It continues with:

Instead of charging Mr. Chavez with negligent mistreatment or animal cruelty, and trying to ruin his business…if these groups really cared about horses they would be honoring and applauding him, as we do, for providing care and sustenance to horses that would otherwise have no chance of survival.


IEBA_Letter_Governor_New_Mexico_12April12 (pdf, 3 pp) >>


19 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter Sue promotes her mission in New Mexico under new guise”

  1. I think Wallis has lost much of her credibility in the wake of her recent escapades – like her meltdown on the radio program, and then claiming she was “ambushed.” Her husband calling anti-slaughter advocates “Nazis.” Now, on the United Horsemen page on FaceBook, she has started calling anti-slaughter legislators in Congress “socialists” and I understand she posted a list of those who she thinks should be voted out of office!

    I don’t know, but it seems to me that she is better for OUR side than the pros. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay her for such insane blabber.


  2. Sorry, Mary…hadn’t seen your request until now. Like Jane, there are thousands of Canadians who have the info and are working hard to stop this offence to Nature. Apparently, nationality does not save one from utter stupidity and incurable avarice as the machinations of Bill des Barres and the Chavez’s of the world show us. Any information that reaches MAPAQ (Ministry of Agri in Quebec), for example, comes from des Barres, and the way Quebec law is set up, as Linda suggests, “intention to harm” and “harm by omission of action” provide a saving-grace to all abusers. As I talk with MAPAQ, I am constantly confronted with des Barres’ lies which are taken as fact. Yet the facts and statistics are there for all to see. You would think that any reasonable person would acquiesce in the face of them but, alas. I invite all Americans to inundate the Canadian Government with your views regarding horse slaughter. In Quebec alone, 46 per cent of businesses are owned or have their head offices in the States: your opinion has impact. You are still our most important trading partner, and what Americans think matters to us. The same applies to other countries, especially since in the past two months, Prime Minister Harper and Minister Baird have been cultivating China, Myanmar, and Korea; countries in which even human rights’ are violated on an hourly basis.


    1. Thanks for the information that American comments have an impact in Quebec! I shall throw the book at them.


  3. I agree that Sue Wallis is a puppet, but she is a very willing puppet.. All these components of the slaughter pipeline are making lots of lots of money, they can afford to have the horse euthanized, and put out of their misery. Their image, is already tarnished, and they are surely NOT considered the creme of the crop, of society. I’ve had direct conversation with this Chavez guy, and talk about a low life… It is way past time to start enforcing our cruelty laws, and holding these folks accountable to the point they need to go to prison, were they belong… I can only hope and pray that someday Sue Wallis will be held legally accountable for her own doings, in the political arena as well as a private citizen.. To me she is an American embarrassment and a disgrace to the human race, female gender, ranchers’, horse industry, and all other walks of life.. She continually misused her political position to further her own personal agenda… Why is she still in office????


    1. I don’t know why she still holds office, and why she hasn’t been thrown out, or voted out. Perhaps people in Wyoming don’t care about such things. Wallis gives their State a bad name and there are many people who would not set food inside Wyoming because of her. Imagine what she is costing them by way of negative image, bad publicity, shame, embarrassment, etc.


      1. I have been told this by someone familiar with this situation: Sue Wallis is unimportant in herself. She is merely a tool. She is in office because there are very small population in WY and a great many of those are in or have ties the cattle industry. They want Sue to keep horses being killed so they can use the taxpayer funded benefits. US taxpayers lose 123M/year to this “welfare rancher” program.
        These cattle industry beneficiaries need to be evicted from the land and the land is best used as intended–for wild animals/horses. These cattle industry entities pay almost nothing for the federally funded grazing land and others are paying up to 40.00 per acre for grazing land. It is not fair and the people in these areas know it. Sue is paid to be what she is–a mere tool for these interests.
        Apparently, it is nothing by another case of a corrupt official bringing home the bacon for a few over the interests of the many. The money gets her in and she plays games for the foreign-owned slaughter industry. She does not do anything for anyone else.
        If her fellow legislators in WY call her recent bill “the roadkill bill”, that is the esteem in which she is held. My impression from this review of Sue is that she has failed to open a kill plant in the US and as such, may be in need of a job soon. As to who would hire a known horse killer, leave that to the imagination. She is in because she is paid to be. The sooner she is held accountable and an audit is conducted as to who is paying her, the sooner she is gone. If we pulled books on Sue, it would be obvious as to who is paying.
        As to all the attention paid to this tool, why? She is just one more. After her will come another corrupt official who will fail to open a US kill plant. As to all the hype, again, why? They have no widespread support. Maybe the hype is from the killers themselves–they are nothing to be concerned about. Educate and inform and all of them will lose elected status and be relegated to lobbyist status, like Stenholm, who operates to prevent humane legislation from getting to the light of day in Congress.
        I am amazed at some of the fear of the killers I have read online. Maybe that hype comes from the killers paid employees. These reps for horse killing have no support but money and that from foreign corporate kill operations. This is not domestic support. The domestic support among the uninformed is usually due to sheer ignorance. Read the ludicrous comments on polls in media from the few who would eat meat no matter what it was. I doubt these types ever vote.
        How many people do we think will support this effort, once it is known for what is really is, through constant education of voters and consumers? Voters hold all the power as to who gets in office. If people do not vote and are not informed, this will continue in any state, not just WY.
        The support for ending transport/slaughter is substantial in the House and Senate. If we persist in contacting the House and Senate, this horror ends and we can then focus on the rest of the abuses horses/equines endure constantly. This is the first and main battle. Once the horses can’t be shipped off to die, the evidence is apparent for all to see and report.

        With laws on the books and funding for enforcement from Congress, offenders can be tracked and held accountable for abuse and neglect. Enforcement and prosecution has to be swift and sure and the sentences of enough length that the offenders are unable to repeat the offenses immediately. These offenders must be monitored to make sure they never have access to another animal without professional supervision. Otherwise, these offenders will repeat the offense again and soon.
        Witness the outcome of the Kelsey Lefevre case, in which PA essentially approved of fraud. What do we think this means for PA? More of the same. This is why equine killing must end first and then legislation must be passed which hold offenders accountable and for life. The link between abuse of an animal and abuse of a human being are well established and clear. This escalates over time.
        The lesson of a Sue Wallis is that corruption leads to more corruption until it is halted. Voters must take care of this issue and demand change. Education and enforcement must be funded, constant and is crucial to this effort.
        The truth has to be told to those not familiar with this topic and that means each one of us has to make clear what this is, everywhere we can hold a conversation or write media. While we may know about this topic, many don’t. The lack of awareness is the only reason more are not contacting Congress and demanding passage of these bills. When voters find out what this is and what it costs them to support wealthy ranch owners in western states, voters will act. As long as voters in the rest of the states are uninformed, nothing will change. bills HR2966/S1176


  4. It’s amazing that they think people are upset that the horses died, when in fact, it’s that they weren’t euthed soon enough, and left to suffer. THAT is why Chavez should be charged with abuse! We know HE didn’t get those horses into that shape. Just that he WAS responsible for allowing them to suffer.


  5. Sue is well known.

    I had an email chain going with Sue, in which she denied my personal experiences. I ended the interaction by noting that I think personal and defamatory comments about Sue are underserved. In my opinion, she is simply a tool being used by the funders of the corporate slaughter industry. I feel she is compelled to act in this manner. I don’t think Sue has any choice about what she is told to do by her foreign special interest funders. She has to travel around and try to find a place in which a kill plant can open. She has been run out of some states already, confronted on NPR and now has to find somewhere she can bully uninformed people to allow her corporate funders to open a kill plant. It looks like Sue and her buddies are on the run. I think if Sue is not able to force her way in to a town, her funders are going to find someone else to carry their interests forward. Hence, her interest in pretending she has a “business”. She does not. That was the conclusion in OR. These efforts have failed in MO and TN as well.

    As to NM and Udall’s recent statement about the horrors in the racetrack industry and calls for an investigation, the kill plants and Sue face rejection of all attempts to force a kill plant in. Residents everywhere object to the horrific activity she promotes as business. As long as advocates follow this issue and repeat the truth, the killers will find no popular support. Corrupt elected officials in need of cash are the only ones who would associate with Sue Wallis, as far as I can tell.

    Interestingly, despite the pretense that she has support, she has about 28 connections on the popular business site, She is listed there as a “rancher” and linked to “animal welfare”. Most business and political figures have large numbers of connections. I was amazed to find that Sue had so few. This tells anyone about Sue’s support and funding. These paid corrupt reps have almost no support and few connections in business. It is telling that in her home state, a bill she sponsored was known as the “roadkill bill”. She has no support even in her home state.

    As to these political hacks future success after being voted out, it doesn’t look good. They may do as Conrad Burns did and become a lobbyist for killing horses. Where else would these disgraced legislators find paid employment? I think the impression that these corrupt legislators have infinite support and funding is completely fiction. I think these known lobbyists can be removed quickly with short, sustained effort. Voters are tired of supporting useless and notorious legislators like Sue Wallis.


    1. A tool no doubt Sue Wallis is, but she is a willing one. She looks a total fool now doesn’t she, sending that letter defending the feedlot torturer to the Governor of NM? . The only worry I have about Wallis going away, is that they may actually find someone clever and not so easy to expose and the liars supporting the horse slaughter industry invariably are.


          1. Right. This graphic is from “Chidren 4 Horses” on Facebook. While it seemed as though it may be useful, the format may have suffered. The website is but I do not see the graphic there. It shows the elected officials names but not the connecting lobbyists names. That would be helpful to know. If I can, I will try to foward it via email. It may be a really nice teaching tool for posting on social media.


  6. Wallis’ Canadian connection is the nefarious Bill desBarres of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada. It always amazes me how they play with language (‘horse welfare’ indeed!!) to market lies–sheer, unmitigated lies–to an unsuspecting public. Roswell seems to be cursed again…Area 51 will have a new and horrific meaning if these avaricious toadstools get their way.


    1. Cynthia, do you have reliable contact info for desBarres or his associates? Can that be posted here for us to use? Also, can you please repost the info for the Canadian anti-slaughter bill so we can spread word about that bill here in the US? That is an important effort we tend to forget about in the heat of the battle over this issue. We are so wrapped up in ending our contribution to slaughter that we disregard everything else. That information about Canada is a major boost for efforts here. It is also very encouraging to US advocates. The Canadian reports and details of anti-slaughter activity are very helpful to us here in the US. I use those reports and that information whenever I post or write about this issue. Numbers matter re support for ending slaughter. I know you are very busy but please post when you can.


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