Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico

NM Governor Susana Martinez asks Feds to reject horse slaughter plant

Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico
Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico

The Associated Press reports:

[Governor Susana] Martinez said Friday she plans to send a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture asking it not to approve a Roswell meat company’s request for inspections that would allow it to operate.

Valley Meat Co. has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its 7,300-square-foot plant outside of town.

    “Despite the federal government’s decision to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption, I believe creating a horse slaughtering industry in New Mexico is wrong and I am strongly opposed,” Martinez said in a statement.

Prior to this Statement by Governor Martinez, Capitol Report, New Mexico reported:

In the past few weeks two shocking stories concerning horses in New Mexico made headlines.

First, the Albuquerque Journal came out with graphic photos of four starving horses found suffering at a Los Lunas feedlot.

Second, the New York Times ran a blistering exposé of horse racing abuse across the country and pointed at New Mexico as having the worst safety record in the nation, alleging that horses often are drugged to such dangerous levels that they risk breaking down and being destroyed (not to mention the danger to jockeys).

Capitol Report New Mexico caught up with Gov. Susana Martinez earlier this week and asked her about both stories, starting with the Los Lunas incident and then asking the governor about her office calling for a report from the state Racing Commission concerning — among other things — improved drug testing for race horses.

Here’s what she said:

In the case of the emaciated horses in Los Lunas, the state Livestock Board is coming under fire and district attorney Lemuel Martinez is looking into filing criminal charges.

As for the racing commission, its monthly hearing is scheduled for Thursday (April 19).


Capitol News, New Mexico

Associated Press

7 thoughts on “NM Governor Susana Martinez asks Feds to reject horse slaughter plant”

  1. Finally, excellent reporting, responsive and intelligent politicians, and a public waking up to the corrupt, cruel activity of those in business the business of animals. Thank you Animals Angels – your investigation was in the right place and as always jerked the covers off the corrupt and brutal handling by the “livestock” industry. We are now receiving the benefit of these intelligent politicians having a real issue to address. Are they for or against the slaughter of our horses? It is so gratifying and comforting and yes, affirms, my own opinion. This is good.


  2. i just sent the Governor a packet of information several days ago that included the CD from the Canadian slaughter plants Bouvry and Richelieu and one to the Mayor of Roswell, NM. Roswell was known for it’s flying saucers not horseslaughter.


    1. I called her office yesterday and a very nice staffer answered.. Imagine that TX gov & senators and rep rarely have space on voice mail to leave a
      Message. I told her that we were so happy with her governors stand on the 3 issues in front of her involving horses. You could hear the smile in the staffer’s voice as she took the message and promised to pass it on. Let’s promise to support her Back.


    2. Good for you and everyone who acted so quickly. I am in the mood to do less “hand wringing” on FB and more actions like your mailings and my calls. When I first called the Gov office to protest Roswall slaughter, they were so interested, took notes, and didn’t even ask where I was from. A A is so amazing. Cudos to everyone who acted.


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