NV Mustang shooters forfeit licenses for trapping

Joshua Keathley ( left) and Todd Davis (right) in file photographs from the Washoe County Jail.

How do people arrive at the type of thinking that compels them to behave in this way? The trapping law these two Mustang murderers violated is

“failure to visit steel leg-hold traps within 96 hours — a state law intended to help minimize the suffering of animals whose feet are snared in the spring-loaded, metal jaws”.

Small wonder these two men continue to break the law, because it is so simple to do, and they receive very little punishment.

The Associated Press reports:

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Two Nevada men who spent six months in prison for killing federally protected mustangs have avoided additional prison time as part of a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors after they broke a state trapping law.

Joshua Keathley and Todd Davis agreed to forfeit their hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for two years under the plea bargain arrangement U.S. Magistrate Robert McQuaid approved Wednesday in Reno.

They could have been returned to prison because they violated conditions of their parole stemming from the 2009 killing of five wild horses. But McQuaid agreed to continue the parole for the final three weeks it’s in effect.

I am not sure I understand this. However, the result is the same. These two “boneheads” (as the U.S. judge who sentenced them to six months in prison for shooting federally protected mustangs called them) will no doubt continue with their life of crime. Right now they torture and kill animals, so their criminal activities are not taken too seriously; seem to be perceived as little more than ill-advised pranks. Perhaps that will change when they kill a human or two.


New charges for wild horses killers, Reno Gazette-Journal, via Scott Sonner for AP >>

3 thoughts on “NV Mustang shooters forfeit licenses for trapping”

  1. I don’t understand about the trapping law–no longer than 96 hours–isn’t that 4 days?? If you leave something in a steel trap for 4 days, how much more cruel can you get???


  2. Anybody with their records should not have access to or own a firearm. You have to consider the likelihood of domestic violence, substance abuse and lack of financially responsible behaviors as part of the usual pattern.

    Are they subject to a parole officer in NV when they go through the revolving door of jail or is NV unable to do that, too? For every two that finally get caught, there are always a number that simply go on violating law and killing the innocent. Where is the local accountability?

    These states create their own problems. Look at PA and the Kelsey Lefever case–“fraud is Ok”. These cases make it appear that enforcement of law with substantial prison time has to come from other than a local agency.

    It is obvious that local and state enforcement and lax laws do not resolve these longstanding issues. When we hear cries from these states about their problems, the answer is federal enforcement. Then we hear that they resent the feds trying to accommodate the states demands.

    As to federally funded grazing lands, for example, US taxpayers are funding that for wealthy ranchers who buy these “permits”. We hear complaining about their Mustangs but we are all funding the federal grazing lands. This is a longterm historical situation in these western states. If these states want enforcement of laws or changes, they can do it themselves on their own tax dollars and when they fail, some other agency will come in to do it for them. If they are incompetent or lack law, that is their own issue.

    When any state accepts federal funding, US taxpayers expect that these states will cooperate in having the enforcement or help they demand. When there are repeated violations of law and no accountability from local or state government, there is no alternative but to find another agency to take care of their issues. A better solution would be for them to set up their own enforcement agencies and laws which they can enforce locally. That has not happened. This is the conundrum for us taxpayers to consider when we hear about repeated violatons of law and other complaints. These are issues which these states have had for many years.

    Add in the possibility of corrupt local elected officials and this becomes the perfect fodder for scams and an increase in criminal offenses with a lack of consequence. We all pay for that, especially the innnocent horses who are killed for no reason but a cheap thrill for two repeat criminals who matter to no one.


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