Grazing Thoroughbreds

New York Attorney General sues Foundation for retired racehorses

Grazing Thoroughbreds

This is a sad story, and shows what can happen to horses when humans make bad decisions.

JOE DRAPE filed the following report for the New York Times:

The New York attorney general Thursday sued the directors of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, one of the largest nonprofit organizations devoted to retired racehorses, saying they had driven the foundation into insolvency and failed to provide the financing for the basic care of the more than 1,100 horses in their control.

The state’s top prosecutor charged that, as a result of the foundation’s failings, horses were starved and neglected and nearly 100 died in 2010 alone, according to a 35-page complaint filed Thursday in state court in Manhattan. The complaint outlines how the foundation took formal responsibility for more horses than it could afford, despite repeated warnings of financial distress from its own officers.

    “New York and the nation need the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation to succeed,” Eric T. Schneiderman, the state attorney general, said in a statement. “But unfortunately, T.R.F.’s board has driven this vital organization into the ground, threatening its mission and the very horses it is supposed to protect. Despite my office’s efforts to encourage reform, T.R.F.’s current directors have proven incapable of turning around the dire situation they have created. The time has come to give new leadership a chance.”

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7 thoughts on “New York Attorney General sues Foundation for retired racehorses”

  1. Yes, Debbie. Horses seem to bring out the very best in people and the very worst. Facebook in particular is infested with fraudulent appeals. I have been at this nearly 10 years, and have seen it all. Or so I think. I am sure there are plenty of scams I haven’t run across yet. Thankfully most equine rescues are on the up and up, and do exceptional jobs. However, there is always that percentage who will stop at nothing to make $$$$.


  2. The equine rescue industry is, and has been, literally infested with fraud and abuse.
    If you only knew.


  3. I also hate this because the TRF did years of excellent work, and because of a couple of crooks (or more) this will be their legacy. I hope they can turn this around because our racehorses need all the help they can get. So dastardly to betray these horses and put them at risk for $$$$$ because these people couldn’t handle their personal finances.


  4. Once again crooked people padding there own pocketsbooks and forgetting the real purpose for their jobs….Let me pay my own bills and the hell with a living breathing creature that depends on a human being to be fed…..My opinion on the whole matter is to starve the sorry pathectic low life idiots that did this and they should be charged with animal cruelty with very heavy fines and mandatory community service of course supervised and have to feed animals and clean up after them for years. Crooked human beings that are money driven make me sick!!!!!! think about the animals for once in your life not yourselves these horses have been through enough by the time they get to the retirement in their lives …..Have a Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Money is a great corrupter no doubt about it. Humans robbing humans is bad enough. This particular skullduggery cost horses pain and suffering, and some of them their lives.


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