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Action Alert: Three months later clandestine horse racing continues in Stanislaus Co

Clandestine Horse Racing

Cross-posted from KRCA Ch. 3, Sacramento, California

    CERES, Calif. (KCRA) — Three months ago, KCRA brought information of clandestine horse racing to the Stanislaus County Sheriff.

    On April 7, KCRA crews returned to a race track in Ceres Sports Arena, located just off Highway 99, to see if anything had changed.

    At the front of the complex, just inside the gate, organizers were running a truck pull. Out back, there was something else: Horses running down a straight track, launched from a gate at one end, with a photo-finish camera taking pictures at the other end.

    During November and December of last year, clandestine horse racing was found in the same setup at the Ceres arena, as well as races at a location near Patterson.

    “I think it’s a very important case, and I think we should prioritize and look into it,” State Sen. Anthony Cannella said in February. KCRA also showed the video from last year’s races to Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson, who said, “Based on what you’ve shared with us, we’re going to start doing the research and looking at this issue.”

    Stanislaus County California Sign
    Stanislaus County, California, where clandestine horse racing continues despite alleged and promised investigations by officials.

    But three months later, KCRA’s crews had no trouble finding horses running on the very same track at the Ceres Sports Arena.

    KCRA’s investigative team saw horses, crowds and money changing hands at one of the locations reported on earlier this year.

    The California Department of Justice currently has no open investigations into clandestine racing.

    The DOJ, however, did conduct an investigation into horse racing in Stanislaus County in 2008.

    Still, Christianson said he has not contacted the California DOJ. He said his department is investigating.

    Read more, view video report >>


Clearly nothing is going to happen until public pressure is put on the California Department of Justice, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s office and the California Horse Racing Board.

This is where you come in.

Instead of asking you to write individual letters — which they may decide to count as only one letter if they are too similar — we are putting together a letter to all three of these entities.

Why the California Horse Racing Board?

Garcia told KCRA that 70 percent of the horse owners coming to his facility are licensed with the California Horse Racing Board, and so is his arena.

If you wish us to add you as a signatory to our letter, please complete the form below.


California residents, we strongly urge you to contact California State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres), protesting these races and calling for immediate investigation and prosecution.

Sen. Anthony Cannella
State Capitol, Room 3048
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4012
Fax: (916) 445-0773
Email Form: http://cssrc.us/web/12/contact_me.aspx

Thank you.
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7 thoughts on “Action Alert: Three months later clandestine horse racing continues in Stanislaus Co”

  1. I’m not gettiong alerts when you publish articles. :( but I did check this morning and saw this article inthe comments section. So glad I checked, I saw this report advertised but missed it on our local TV. I’ve signed your letter and will contact Sen Canella’s office. I also posted this article to my wall. I’ve heard there are possible abusive administrations of drugs to boost the horse’s energy at these races. And of course mishandling during training goes with that. CA is being invaded by lawbreakers.


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