Aerial view of Belmont Park. Google image

New York seizes control of horse racing tracks

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Aerial view of Belmont Park.  Google image
Aerial view of Belmont Park where I’ll Have Another will bid for the first Triple Crown since 1978. Google image.

With the Belmont Stakes — and a potential Triple Crown victory for I’ll Have Another – just weeks away, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that the state will seize control of the scandal-plagued organization that operates the Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga racetracks.

Under the terms of a deal completed Tuesday morning, a 17-member “turn-around” board will run the New York Racing Association for the next three years. The board will include elected members of the state legislature, appointees chosen by the governor and representatives of the NYRA and the horseracing industry.

The article points out:

The president and general counsel of the NYRA, a private agency, were fired recently after state regulators alleged that they knew the NYRA had shortchanged bettors by $8.5 million over 15 months. Continue reading >>

Cuomo earlier called for a full investigation by an independent panel into the deaths of 20 racehorses at Aqueduct, which is currently underway.

1 thought on “New York seizes control of horse racing tracks”

  1. This is a step in the right direction, but a special attention must be paid to the welfare of the Horse. We must not allow the scandal of cheated bettors override the scandal of dead racehorses at these tracks. The Horse must come first. Drugs must be forbidden. If a horse needs Bute… he/she should not run, period! If my horse needed Bute, he didn’t perform a dressage test…let alone run a race. Get Real!


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