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Vote for Doodle saved from slaughter competing to help another

Joan Steelhammer, founder of Equine Outreach in Crook County, Oregon, gives a home to 100 horses, many spared from slaughter.

“Theses horses aren’t here because they’re damaged, or they’re discards, or they have health issues or behavioral issues,” Steelhammer tells Mackenzie Wilson of KTVZ. “For the most part, these horses are here because they have people issues regarding the people that were caring for them that no longer could do so.”


Wendy Pangle knows how Steelhammer feels. She rescued horses from slaughter until her husband finally said they could take no more. However, five years ago Pangle couldn’t resist a horse called Doodle.

The KTVZ report continues:

“I bailed him, I couldn’t bring another horse home, so I hid him at my sister in law’s for a year,” said Pangle.

Doodle came out of hiding a short time later, and after apologizing over and over to her husband, Pangle got busy training. Her new horse was well taken care of — but had never been ridden.

Click to Vote for Doodle
Click to Vote for Doodle

Doodle is a semi-finalist in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association’s annual “Favorite Trail Horse” competition. The competition is conducted on the internet, and Doodle will win $2,000.00 if he gets the most votes.

Pangle plans to give the money to local trainer JoLinn Hoover who was recently kicked in the face and has mounting hospital bills.

“Because as Doodle knows”, the article concludes, “sometimes you just need someone looking out for you.”



Full story and video report >>

Note from Editor: See comments if you are unsure where to go and what to do at the voting link.

7 thoughts on “Vote for Doodle saved from slaughter competing to help another”

  1. Thank You All so Much for Voting!!!! My name is Wendy Pangle (not Mary!) and I am Doodle’s owner – I sincerely appreciate your help in getting Doodle into the Finals! Yes, he won his weekly episode, and now just has to get the most votes on June 19/20/21 to win the Jackpot of $2300 for JoLinn Hoover’s Medical Bills. Please check the http://www.actha.tv site during those days to vote with all your email address’s!


  2. The ACTHA site voting doesn’t start until 7:00 CST. On Doodle’s page just click the big red ACTHA box which will link you to the actual voting site.


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