Horse Meat is Ugly: Defeat horse slaughter where it eventually leads, the dinner table

Every 5 Minutes an American Horse is Slaughtered for Human Consumption

Be part of the historical movement to defeat horse slaughter where it eventually leads — the dinner table.


La viande de cheval, ça pue

We are so excited to announce that after months of work, we are about to embark on our European campaign to make the idea of eating horse meat taboo. Called “Horse Meat is Ugly”, it begins June 16th in France and Belgium (La viande de cheval, ça pue.) and Italy (Carne di cavallo è brutto.).

This is a project of vision: Of a future where no commercial slaughter of horses for human consumption is in operation. No demand for horse meat, no market to supply, saving hundreds of thousands of innocent horses from the horrors of transport ending in a terrifying and brutal death in a slaughterhouse.

You play an important role in sharing this vision. Please make a donation, any amount, to make this a ‘Mission: Possible’.


To defeat horse slaughter from returning to U.S. soil in Wyoming, Oklahoma and Nevada, support our already proven successful program educating business and political leaders, giving them proof and changing their minds that they really do not want horse slaughter in their States.

Please make a tax deductible donation for horse slaughter education in the U.S. See who else is contributing here.

Thank you for being on the front lines with us, defeating the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

If you are on Twitter, follow us @HorseFund and watch for #horsemeatisugly.

© Int’l Fund for Horses

6 thoughts on “Horse Meat is Ugly: Defeat horse slaughter where it eventually leads, the dinner table”

  1. Not only is eating horse-meat uguly it is not good for your health. As a Public Health nurse I am aware of the many toxins in horsemeat that are the results of the yearly worming medicines they are force fed,and the many injections of anti-viral, anti-bacterial given to horses that will be competing in horse events in other states, as well as the multiple vaccinations that are used for horses living in close quarters. These beautiful, sensitive animals are not livestock and should not be classified as such. We are all learning what goes on in the horseracing communities such as “milkshakes”,excessive bute injections etc. Do you want these toxins in your body or your child’s body?) The horses certainly don’t want them( in their bodies, and now they are even giving pzp injections as a birth control to mares! Some might say that we “deserve” the medicine we are forcing on other species but two wrongs never make a right.
    A horse’s life is too important. Educating the public to the very negative side of eating horse-flesh is the is the best answer.


  2. You have, more than any organization, found the crucial element in fighting this horrible reality.

    Thank you for your persistence, critical, and most inspiring and engaging agenda in the fight against not only horse slaughter, which seems to be the only focus of most advocacy groups, but rather all the issues that surround the mistreatment of horses.

    Your drive for change is integral to the welfare of the horse. Nothing else compares.

    Thank you, genuinely and sincerely from my heart.


  3. Slaughter is an ugly horrific thing when our four-legged pets are on a dinner table….I can’t ever imagine eating a horse my horse Izzy…she saved someone by protecting them when they had been knockced out….Eating you best friend is not an option in the US…It’s like eating your family pet or next of kin……”HORSE MEAT” is an ugly thing…Hopefully foreign countries will see that as well….My relatives all live in Germany and would NEVER consider eating a horse…I hope foreign countries wake up and realize how much horses have to offer other than on one’s dinner table…. not an option…Get a heart and have a heart to these loyal sweet innocent animals that are God’s creations and meant to work with man not be eaten by them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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