Horse Soring

USDA moving toward stiffer penalties for horse soring

Horse Soring
Horse Soring

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The federal government will implement a new rule mandating stiffer penalties for horse soring and other related violations.

According to The Tennessean (, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new rule will require organizations that inspect horses to assess minimum penalties to violators of the Horse Protection Act, including violations from soring Tennessee Walking Horses.

The new final rule will be published by the government Thursday and will take effect July 9, The Tennessean reported Tuesday. This would be in time for the world championship Tennessee Walking Horse show in Shelbyville in late August-early September.

The paper quoted the USDA as saying any violation of the Horse Protection Act will now require the horse in violation to be dismissed from the show. If the horse is shown to be sore, the new rule also will require those responsible for the soring to be suspended from participating in shows, exhibitions, sales or auctions. The suspensions would increase in length based on the prior number of violations per individual. Read full story >>


SORING is the process of putting acidic products and irritating chemicals on a horse’s legs that cause pain so he will lift his legs higher for more action.

It also includes pressure shoeing, which contains methods of causing pain to the bottom of the horse’s feet through mechanical means, again so the horse will lift his legs higher.

Soring is commonly found in the competitive world of the Tennessee Walking Horse to exaggerate their already naturally high gait.

3 thoughts on “USDA moving toward stiffer penalties for horse soring”

  1. STIFFER penalties??????????????? ARE THEY STUPID OR NUTS OR ? How about NOT ALLOWED, PERIOD & if caught YOU will be punished most severely! Enough is enough….we have had it! Slaps on the wrist or a little fine just don’t cut it!


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