Wild Horse Roundup Mares Foals

BLM plans helicopter roundup of pregnant mares and tiny foals

Wild Horse Roundup Mares Foals
‘This is peak foaling season—the most dangerous time of year to be chasing mustangs,’ says Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs, one of the group of advocates calling on BLM Nevada to stop the planned helicopter roundup of the Jackson Mountain herd.

RENO, Nev. (June 6, 2012) — Wild horse advocates are united in protesting the planned helicopter roundup of the entire Jackson Mountain wild horse herd at the height of foaling season. The Bureau of Land Management’s Winnemucca District Office is scheduled to issue their Decision Record regarding the mustangs in this drought stricken area of northern Nevada at any time.

Representatives of Sun J Livestock, a helicopter roundup contractor for BLM, are already in Winnemucca, awaiting the decision from District Manager, Gene Seidlitz. During the few short years the now infamous roundup company has been in business hundreds of mustangs have lost their lives. Despite significant input from wild horse advocates and even those from within BLM, Gene Seidlitz, seems willing to take a chance, opting for the harshest possible measures in dealing with the herd which, according to him, includes “mares heavy with foal and tiny foals.”

“When I spoke with Mr. Seidlitz yesterday, we emphasized the risks involved in running these animals for miles during peak foaling season,” stated Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “He has been given contacts for water and bait trapping experts who have successfully captured hundreds of wild horses and burros using these far less dangerous methods.”

Kathrens fears her pleas may have fallen on deaf ears.

Ironically, privately-owned cattle still graze in the Jackson Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) and advocates have been asking Manager Seidlitz to use his statutory authority to remove the livestock first, then continue hauling water to wild horses and set up roundpen panels around the water sources for water trapping.

“Why are they still leaving livestock on the range if it is so bad?” asks Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs. “This is peak foaling season—the most dangerous time of year to be chasing mustangs.”

Dead Mustang Foal
Image of a dead foal from a previous BLM roundup conducted out of season. Source unknown.

Spontaneous abortion of late term mares is likely as well as lethal injuries to foals too young to keep up with their mothers. In the past the hooves of these young horses have literally fallen off during and after helicopter stampedes.

“I can’t think of anything more irresponsible or cruel,” says Kathrens. “If BLM would only opt for water trapping rather than a helicopter stampede it would allow us to support the agency rather than continually battling their harsh tactics.”

The Cloud Foundation in conjunction with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Animal Law Coalition, Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Equine Welfare Alliance, Front Range Equine Rescue, International Fund for Horses, Protect Mustangs, Respect4Horses, Wild Horse Education, and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation encourages the public to urge BLM Winnemucca District Manager, Gene Seidlitz, (gseidlit@blm.gov or 775-623-1501) to opt for humane wild horse management methods.

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5 thoughts on “BLM plans helicopter roundup of pregnant mares and tiny foals”

  1. see here blm, i’m contacting the good judge howard mckibben in nevada and by God he WILL stop you from tormenting these wild horses! last year he gave you a warning in court. now you better listen to fair warning. you don’t just ignore a judge’s ruling to be careful with the federally protected wild horses. the American public HAS SPOKEN~~


  2. When will you leave them alone, they deserve a life just as much as you do, it is more than disgusting what you are doing. What will it take for you to leave them alone when they are all gone, what is wrong with you people anyway do you have any feelings at all. I really can’t stand what you are doing anymore IT HAS TO STOP!!!!!


  3. Stop this is the heat of summer do you people have a heart– stop it, it is so cruel what you people are doing with these poor babies and Moms stop it right now it makes me sick!!!


  4. Stop the madness and the inhumane way these horses are treated….Let them live their live free and happy without human interferance …..There is enough land for all creatures …..”PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS” Let everything live in peace!


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