Horses tagged by the USDA for slaughter for human consumption.

Horse slaughter plant planned for Rockville, Missouri

Horses tagged for slaughter for human consumption.
Just because there is a market for horse meat in some countries does not mean the U.S. must be their supplier. Sue Wallis and Unified Equine continue to work to return horse slaughter to U.S. soil, recently applying for a permit in Rockville, Missouri.

Sue Wallis’ United Equine, LLC has filed an application with the the Food Safety and Inspection Service to slaughter horses at a former cattle slaughter facility located in Rockville, Bates County, Missouri.

Unified Equine are reportedly raising the funding necessary to convert the plant into a horse slaughtering operation through private investors with plans to then lease the plant to one of two foreign corporations currently interested in the proposition.

Wallis is informing interested parties that they expect to begin slaughtering horses for human consumption and other purposes in September 2012.

7 thoughts on “Horse slaughter plant planned for Rockville, Missouri”

  1. Some people are truly evil~ and sounds like this woman is one of them. We as American people have to stand our ground ,and not let this continue! And the problem lies in this hard times with people ,what do we do with these poor unwanted horse’s? more rescues are needed, and we as neighbors need to lend a helping hand at times to help horse owners get through some rough times…donate hay, feed….breaks my heart whats going on. But we all have a voice….we need to speak louder!!!!!


  2. We in MO threw Wallis out of here once and we’ll do it again with more force this time cause she’s really making us mad. Anybody got a list of her investors? I’m sure they’d like to read the warning from Mountain Grove MO atty that Wallis would be open to lawsuits for misrepresentation to potential investors. I have that letter and send it to everyone I can.


    1. THANK YOU BARBARA This small town can stop her, she is a slime bucket,What a lazy minded person, she needs to work at a real job and be of service to something- anything.SHE MAKES ME SICK TO LOOK AT HER.


  3. Once again it’s never ending with this lowly motivated slime ball Sue Wallis..I’m with the other comments maybe she should be the first to go through the slaughter house….She is relentless in her pursuit to open a slaughter house somewhere …….Her negative energy is such a waste….I don’t know this what is suppose to be a human being and wish she would either turn herself around or just go away I would hate to be so disliked in this world …..How ca she even think she is doing any good in this life time maybe she just doesn’t care…Sue Wallis as I have said before “Carma is a Bitch”


  4. I just checked up on Rockville, Missouri it has a population of 162.people and it consists of 192 acres. I wonder where Wallis plans to put her slaughter plant, in someones front yard???


  5. What is it with Missouri and Wallis? I think she wants to start a horse slaughter plant just to show all the people that stopped her the first time that she’s gonna do it regardless. Here we go again. This wack-a-nut needs to be locked up in a padded room all her own.


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