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Roundup of wild horses to begin despite risks to tiny foals and pregnant mares

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BLM Snubs Advocate Alternatives to a Helicopter Stampede

RENO, Nev. (June 7, 2012) — Despite extensive conversations with wild horse advocates who explained humane alternatives to a deadly helicopter stampede of tiny foals and late term mares, Gene Seidlitz, BLM District Manager in Winnemucca, NV, signed a Full Force and Effect Decision to round up hundreds of wild horses in the drought stricken Jackson Mountains, calling it necessary for “the health of the horses.”

“How believable is this emergency when privately-owned livestock are still in the Jackson Mountain Herd Management Area?” asks Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “And for Mr. Seidlitz to say he is doing this for the ‘health of the horses’ is unbelievable.”

Bait-trapping expert, Dan Elkins, of Mount Taylor Mustangs in New Mexico, was poised to drive to the area to assess how to safely trap the horses near the few water sources in the most severely affected area of the Jackson Mountain HMA. Elkins has trapped hundreds of horses without injury over the past several decades.

Eleven national humane organizations signed on to a unified letter requesting that BLM remove all private livestock in the area and opt for a humane alternative to the capture of wild horses. Their letter urged BLM not to expose newborns and mares heavy with foal to a helicopter run. Their suggestions fell on deaf ears.

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Letter to Gene Seidlitz from 11 national organizations

5 thoughts on “Roundup of wild horses to begin despite risks to tiny foals and pregnant mares”

  1. The BLM needs to be dismantled immediately , Our Mustangs cannot stand another one of their inhumane attacks ……


  2. Sad to report but ill have another has been scratched fro the Belmont , also hopes dashed for a triple crown Winner, he has a swollen left leg , the beginning of tendinitis,


  3. Since the BLM has been a problem for many decades, it might be time to organize an Occupy of any site in which the BLM is operating. Media has to be alerted so demonstrations can be covered in corporate news.

    Peaceful occupations of sites in which equines are being abused, starved, transported or kept for sale to slaughter (incl auctions) need the presence of witnesses who can take cell phone pictures and post them on social media sites like Twitter, which has a large following.

    Constant posts with documentation via photos as links may bump up public awareness so that enough people who say they care will act on Congress in a forceful way. Abuse and killing are simply aspects of the same issue: these innocent friends to all mankind are disposable. That is nothing new.

    The BLM is just part of a larger scenario of equine abuses and killing. Make the BLM a target. If we can make every participant in equine abuse and slaughter a known entity on social media, it will cause the public outcry and action which will bring about an end to this disgrace.

    Public actions also have to take place in Washington DC so that Congress is made aware of voters wishes.

    Until we act directly and persistently, we will see no end to the longstanding tradition of abuse and killing of our innocent friends. As they die, Congress is still unable to hear us. Then it is time to try a different tactic.


  4. Never expected anything better from the BLM. Their hands are in the rancher’s pockets. Until that STOPS, they will NEVER THINK OF THE HORSES. I HATE THE BLM.


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