Trailered horses. Destination slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Google image.

Future of horse slaughter industry in US in limbo

Trailered horses. Destination slaughter.
Trailered horses. Destination slaughter.

CLAY COPPEDGE writing for the Country World reports:

    Several states have applied to the USDA to inspect such a [horse slaughter] facility, but legal hurdles and a groundswell of popular opinion against the slaughter of horses have slowed, stalled or, in some cases, stopped the application process. The USDA has turned down three proposals because the plants would also process cattle, which is illegal under provisions of the Food and Safety Inspection Service. At the same time, bills that would make the slaughter of horses for human consumption illegal have been introduced in Congress.

    Ward Stutz, senior director of breed integrity with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) in Amarillo, said that nothing much has changed for horse owners since President Obama signed an agriculture appropriations bill last fall that reinstated funding for federal inspections of horse slaughter facilities.

    “There is an application pending in Roswell for a plant that will process horses, which is the closest one to Texas that’s been proposed,” Stutz said. “Several other states are taking a look at it, but there is some reluctance to do anything until they know for sure that some kind of future legislation funding won’t take it away again.”

6 thoughts on “Future of horse slaughter industry in US in limbo”

  1. Just got in touch with my sen & rep – I agree Barbara – Keep screaming!! I also went to the facebook page for mine and was happy to see other postings in full public view for the Moran Amendment.

    “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight”.
    Albert Schweitzer


  2. Good news but we can’t stop now. Keep screaming at you sen. & reps. and SUPPORT THE MORAN AMENDMENT. Tell your sen. & reps. you want it to PASS!


  3. The statement from Ward Stutz AQHS said it all when he said that nothing had changed for horse owners since the AG appropriations bill last fall that reinstated horse slaughter inspections. As we all know quarter horses made up a large percentage of the horses going to slaughter with the other half being TB’s. The AQHS and the racing industry over breeder’s will be forced to either go out of business in 2013 because of the passport system or cut their over breeding way, way down. Which will save thousands of as yet unborn foals


    1. So true Barbara. But what this ignores, as so many of these articles do, is that just as many horses are being sent across US borders to be slaughtered — actually I believe it is more now — than when slaughter plants where operating in the US. That is for this year of course. As you say, once the EU system goes into place that will slow the slaughter of American horses in Mexico and Canada considerably. However, we must note the words “EU regulated” as there are quite a few plants in Mexico that are not under their jurisdiction. How and who they will ship their horse meat to, I am unclear. No doubt they will do everything they can to work out a way.


  4. Not to mention the fact that the EU has said they won’t accept our horses after July 1, 2013 unless we have implemented a traceability system comparable to the one in use by them. I can’t see that system being implemented here – the horse people hated NAIS. Wait until they see what the passport system is like.

    Besides, it appears that the Belgian consortium isn’t going to BUY any plants here like they did formerly. They only want to lease, and it’s up to American investors to foot the bill. Right.


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