Horse Meat is Ugly Campaign launches June 16, 2012

The official “Horse Meat is Ugly” (La viande de cheval, ça pue) campaign was launched simultaneously in Brussels and Paris on June 16, 2012 to a lot of interest.

Thank you for your support of this visionary campaign. One lady named Athena, who attended the launch told us:

“I find it so hard to believe that America allows her horses to be killed for their meat for the French to eat. Why does your country do that? Why don’t your people stop it?”

We did assure her that the American people are trying to raise awareness among all the countries who eat horse meat: that it is ugly and taboo.

We also emphasized that our politicians, just like in other countries, do not always do what the people ask.

A young man named Pietre said:

“Do you mean your government knows what is in the American horse meat and still send it outside your country to eat? I do not eat it, would not eat it and find it unbelievable what the US is doing. You are not known for these things. Thank you for warning the people.”

We did not have a single person who came up and defended or recommended horse meat in either city.

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7 thoughts on “Horse Meat is Ugly Campaign launches June 16, 2012”

    1. One of the most surprising things to us when speaking with people is they had no idea they were eating the meat of American horses, even though most admitted they never thought about where the horses used came from. Some were particularly shocked that some of the horse meat comes from American racehorses. Others were stunned that some horse meat even comes from our iconic wild horses, and said they were totally turned off. We captured a lot of these reactions on camera, and looking to put a video together of the ones we got signed releases from.


    1. Yeah, Suzanne, but doesn’t this make you proud to be a member of the Human Race??!!

      Bless their little Pea Pickin’s!!!


    2. This is the country where bear bile is legal in 13 states still, they still promote torture by trapping in many states, they’ve just been caught selling dog fur and they have many arrogant stupid celebrities caught wearing more fur than cavemen, they enjoy ariel shooting of wildlife, they created the culture of extensive puppy farms, they enslave their orca’s and dolphins and call it Disney, they have created laws that prevent filming animal cruelty in farming, they love to test on animals for every little thing, this is to name but a few things that make me wonder why anyone would be surprised that they slaughter horses for export meat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, despite some amazing animal welfare citizens the US is probably no better than china to many of its animals


      1. Mankind exploits animals in many horrific ways around the world, the US included. I am surprised that anyone thinks the US treat their animals kinder than other nations. Vegans / Vegetarians are the only exceptions anywhere.


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