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Rockville Mo horse slaughter plant another misfire for Sue Wallis

Horse Meat Diagram

CHICAGO, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) – Despite dozens of articles about the imminent opening of a horse slaughter plant in Rockville, Missouri, EWA has learned that the plant is not opening anytime in the foreseeable future.

The announcement by Sue Wallis that the plant was undergoing renovation and would be open in September turns out to have been as premature and misleading as her earlier announcements in Wyoming and Mountain Grove, MO.

Wallis has not in fact purchased the plant, and cannot legally do so (had she the resources) because its ownership is entangled in a complex web of civil and criminal issues involving dubious deeds of trust through a shell company called Six Bears, and criminal theft charges against its Canadian operator Vincent Paletta.

Paletta had already been charged with two counts of felony stealing by deception when Wallis’ announcement brought the plant to the attention of Mountain Grove attorney Cynthia MacPherson. It was MacPherson who uncovered the elaborate plan by the Palettas to protect the plant from creditors.

On behalf of one creditor, Elvin’s Refrigeration, MacPherson has sued the Palettas, asking the court to block all transfers of the property until the ownership can be determined and creditors protected. The petition claims the Palettas violated MUFTA (Missouri Uniform Financial Transactions Act).

Elvin’s has also filed a Nonconsensual Common Law Lien against the plant’s owner charging that the Palettas fraudulently used bogus deeds of trust, and even sued themselves through their shell companies to protect their assets from creditors.

Although Wallis and her Missouri attorney Dan Erdel did form two new companies and have requested federal inspections, they do not own the plant for which the request was made thus rendering the filing moot. Moreover, records show that they have made no application to Missouri agencies for the required permits.

Undeterred, Wallis has already announced a plant in Oklahoma, where selling horse meat or possessing horse meat for sale is illegal. This announcement too has been widely reported as factual.

EWA has published a comprehensive report on the Gordian legal knot encasing the Rockville plant.

Report link:

Source: Press Release


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9 thoughts on “Rockville Mo horse slaughter plant another misfire for Sue Wallis”

  1. If Sue is still supposed to be a Rep for Wyoming, she needs to be removed. She has no importance to anyone and apparently is convinced that business fraud is Ok. Taxpayers are footing bills for this notorious special interest fund recipient and they are getting nothing and never will. Sue and her buds are unsuccessful and can never get anywhere. WY needs to look at her means of getting elected and clean it up. With whose money is she operating besides European slaughter corps? Does she have any domestic financial support?


      1. McPherson swore she’d keep her eye out for more attempts by Wallis to set up plants in MO, and she sure did!


  2. Slaughterhouse Sue is bad news, not only for our equines, but for any community that would believe her BS, by allowing horse slaughter plants to open. Do we really want our equines to be put through this hell, while taxing the American people, who don’t want it in the first place. Our equines, who have served this country in so many ways and continue to do so, should not end their life on a slaughter house floor, It’s a cruel and unconscionable business. Our horses need our protection and our voice…


  3. Sue Walrus (whoops type o or is it) Can take her Slaughter Plants and do you know what with them………………………………………..


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