Horse Racing. Google Image.

Notable Thoroughbred owners pledge to forego raceday medication for 2 year olds

Horse Racing.  Google Image.
TOBA announces the names of 40 notable Thoroughbred owners who pledge to forego race-day medications for 2 year olds.

Wow, at least some good news to report regarding US horse racing. How uplifting.

Blood-Horse Staff report:

Some of Thoroughbred racing’s most notable owners–including Roy and Gretchen Jackson, Josephine Abercrombie, Bill Casner, Robert Clay, William S. Farish, Barry Irwin and Team Valor International, Darley and Shadwell Stables, and Frank Stronach–are among individuals who have pledged to race their 2-year-olds of 2012 without furosemide and adjunct bleeder medications, the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association announced July 19.

“The use of race-day medications has grown to the point where nearly every horse in every race is being treated just hours before they go to the saddling paddock,” said TOBA chairman Peter S. Willmott. “This practice is not in the long-term best interests of the horse, nor is it the proper message we need to communicate with our fans if we wish to increase the popularity of the sport. We should all take steps to reverse the use of race-day medication and at this time the best way is to encourage like-minded owners to race their 2-year-olds medication-free.”

There are many more. Read all about it at

2 thoughts on “Notable Thoroughbred owners pledge to forego raceday medication for 2 year olds”

  1. What a beautiful thing, I knew there was a lot of integrity among owners and trainers, Kudos to them !!!!!!!! It shows that there is much good in Horse Racing !!!!!!


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