Dick G. Source image.Off the track racehorse Dick G. Source image.

A racehorse brings joy to a disabled child

Cross-posted from Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Written by SUSAN SALK

Dick G.  Source image.Off the track racehorse Dick G.  Source image.
Dick G affectionately called Teddy. Source image.

“Timmy Summer’s frail arm rose slightly away from his wheelchair, as he willed it toward the giant animal. A moment later, his small hand rested against the soft spot just underneath the bay gelding’s muzzle.

“Yielding to the little boy’s touch, and his own apparent desire to draw even closer to the child, the Thoroughbred leaned hard against the stall door that separated them, stretching forward, getting closer.

“To the amazement of the child’s mother and to others in the barn, ex-racehorse Dick G, who battled it out on the hard scrabbled track to win $30,000 in his career, became suddenly soft and affectionate as he laid his giant head across the chest of the little boy, and held it there.” Continue reading this wonderful story >>

3 thoughts on “A racehorse brings joy to a disabled child”

  1. What a beautiful Story , of the bond between horse and child !!!, there are many stories just like this one, when it is said a horse is Magical, it is fact !!! All of them with each their own Magic !!!!!!! and not hard to find , they give it freely !!!!!! Just today , earlier this morning , i was at Thistledown Rack Track Barns, with a whole bunch of carrots, The person( Sammie) who runs the pool for horses there and I give carrots twice a week to all the horses there,(only of course with permission).. What you can learn with just a carrot WOW…….There are several horses there that take them with the gentleness of a feather, their touch is amazingly ,very gentle oddly enough they are the BIG GUYS??????? They all are very happy to see you, every head will be sticking out of the stalls all patiently awaiting a carrot !!!!!! There are some who didnt even know what a carrot is?????? they learn quickly though !!!!!! There is however 1 there who always has his ears back, we are addressing him very cautiously, he has not even acknowledged us yet , but he will ……. Cant wait to find out what his special magic is ………………….


    1. That’s lovely Arlene. You know these racehorses rarely get the chance to be just horses until they are off the track and rehab-ed off the drugs. Some handle it better than others. You’ll win him his heart. May be first love he has ever had.


      1. However long it takes i will try !!!!!! I love nothing better than a love challenge, at his own pace !!!!! in his own time … i am finding out all I can of his History, it will help to know what he is all about,…………………………I will be there for him every 2 days………………… the minute his ears go up i will know he is thinking about a truce……………………….


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