Beach Horse. Google Image.

Summer set up for the months ahead: A matching gift

Beach Horse.  Google Image.
Beach Horse. Google Image.

You remember our dear friend Anne Gumbel.

Each summer for the past two years Anne has offered amazing matching gifts for all cash donations to the Int’l Fund for Horses (while the offer lasts) to pay for lobbying and media campaigns both here and abroad on the issue of horse slaughter.

Anne feels we are on the brink of a major breakthrough in ending horse slaughter, and has offered to do a matching gift campaign exclusively with us again this year.

This year’s matching gift offer is a little different. Here are the giving options.

1. Donate $30.00 right now, or sign up to make a monthly donation of $5.00 for 6 months (it will automatically cancel) and she will match it 100%.

2. Make a donation in any amount, and Anne will match it 100%. (This offer lasts through midnight Aug. 25 EST).

These summer gifts will set us up for the months ahead and ensure we have the funds on hand when we need them.

We are so grateful to Anne for her continuing generosity to us in defense of our horses.

And we are so grateful to you for your wonderful support to us and to them.

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