Nottingham mystery mane plaits. Source image.

Police warn horse owners over Blidworth mystery mane plaits (Eng)

England Flag reports:

Nottingham mystery mane plaits. Source image.
Mysterious plaits, similar to this one, have been found in the manes of ponies and horses near Blidworth. Source Image.

POLICE have been left baffled by a series of mysterious plaits found in the manes of horses and ponies in fields near a Notts village.

Officers are investigating after one of the plaits was found in the hair of a pony in a field near Blidworth.

The owner reported it to police believing it had been woven to identify it for someone to return and steal.

But officers say the reason for the plait is still not clear.

Following the most recent incident, police issued an internet neighbourhood alert to people in the area.

“Although there is no evidence to confirm that ponies are marked before being stolen, all horse owners are urged to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police,” the statement says.

There have been no other incidents since and no horses have been reported stolen.


1 thought on “Police warn horse owners over Blidworth mystery mane plaits (Eng)”

  1. This kind of stuff is why pasture turnout for months on end without monitoring is just a bad idea. Dumping feed and leaving is not horse care. Every animal needs to be looked over daily and checked for general condition/injuries. Hooves have got to be checked even in turnout. If anyone hires for turnout, whoever takes over has to take time to check and if there is an additional fee, then it will have to paid.

    We used to use pasture only with maybe a run in and give the horse a long rest. I don’t think it is possible to do that anymore. This kind of weird stuff can be just a prank or something far more serious, even indication for a future slaughter victim. Thankfully, somebody saw this and made a report. That may prove very useful in the future.

    Any pet who allows a stranger (?) to plait hair into a tail is compliant and may be docile if approached for a last trailer ride. A horse in turnout wearing a halter can be caught and led to a trailer far more easily. Equines like that are trained to be compliant and obedient and in cases of theft, make the perfect victim. The absent owner would never be able to find his best friend again.

    With no permanent ID mandated, every equine is a potential victim of slaughter and theft. Auctions make it very easy to obtain fast cash for any stolen pet. Slaughter makes abuse and crime far more easy.


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