Horse Fund Horse ID Tag. Zazzle image.

Protect your horse with a Horse I.D. Tag

Horse Fund Horse ID Tag. Zazzle image.
Horse Fund fully customizable Horse ID Tag. Zazzle image. Click to Shop! Proceeds benefit Horse Charities.


Luggage tags are a safe, durable, weatherproof way to identify your horse in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. Simply attach it to their halter or head collar.

Another good use is when you are traveling with your horses to events and outings.

Personalize the tag with the image of your choice on the front side, such as a picture of your horse, or yourself with your horse.

On the reverse side, customize the text with the information you want and need. (TIP: Reduce the font to make more room for further instructions.)


For more information on how to plan and protect your horses in the case of a natural disaster, please see “Hurricanes and Horses” here on Tuesday’s Horse.


Zazzle luggage tags are the same size as a standard business card (2″ x 3.5″) and made of 100% super-strong acrylic. Using the AcryliPrint®HD printing process, your designs, text, and photos will appear in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors. With Zazzle there are no set up fees and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Create and buy your Horse ID tags here. Proceeds benefit the Fund for Horses.

No horses in your family? Then customize it and use it as a baggage tag and escape bag mix ups for years to come. Charming gift idea!

3 thoughts on “Protect your horse with a Horse I.D. Tag”

  1. Great idea, but I would like to see “equine microchips,” similar for dogs and cars so ALL horses could get scanned especially when they are in killing pens. We could trace TBs back to their breeder and hold them responsible.


    1. Thanks Gina. But these horse i.d. tags are for people to keep on hand to use during natural disasters so first responders can identify a horse and who he or she belongs to etc. This is a safe and easy way for people with horses to do that, especially at short notice.


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