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On the Radio: Wyoming wild horse activists vs the BLM

Wednesday evening, July 25th 2012, at 7:00 CST!
5:00 PST… 7:00 CST… 8:00 EST
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Tune in for a discussion on wild horses and the BLM on internet radio. Google Image.

Jerri Tillett joins us from Wyoming along with Nikki Spotted Eagle, and Cathy Bryarly, to discuss the malfeasance of the Bureau of Land (mis)Management (BLM) and the deceptive practices used by the agency in favor of invested stakeholders in the BLM. All three women have worked tirelessly to expose the deceptive practices of the BLM in their area.

Jerri Tillett and Nikki Spoted Eagle have spent more than twenty years documenting the harm done by the BLM especially to the wild horse herds in Wyoming. This has culminated in the filing in the US District Court in Billings, Montana a case attempting to halt any further eradication of the wild horse herds in that area. Filing as a pro se
her case is docketed as CB-12-87-BLG-RFC/ Billings District.

Cathy Bryarly has concluded a three year investigation into the BLM and has documented numerous instances of deceptive practices and lack of accountability within the BLM in her area.

At issue here is the lack of accountability by a federal agency. Numerous lawsuits against the BLM highlight the lack of transparency, malfeasance and the continued deceptions used against the public and in the courts to implement unlawful plans by the agency

Wyoming has the second largest wild horse population in the United States.

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