Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration / McConnell.

CEO of Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is jumping off

In an OpEd published by The Chattanoogan on July 22, 2012, Roy Exum writes:

ROY EXUM. Source image.
ROY EXUM. Source image.

Dr. Doyle Meadows is jumping off what is uncannily similar to a run-away horse. After four years as the CEO of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, it has been learned the veterinarian will soon take a flying leap after this year’s event. His decision comes only a month after the two largest equine veterinary groups in the nation castigated a Walking Horse industry that was already knee-deep in muck.

Already there is a resolution on the floor of the Tennessee legislature (sponsored Rep. Pat Marsh, R-Shelbyville) in praise of Meadows but the better truth is that a video of horse trainer Jackie McConnell, appearing on ABC’s News Nightline in May and promptly enraging millions since then, has caused the seedy side of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry to come under intense and scathing scrutiny.

Exum reveals later in the article:

My goodness, there has been so much brought to light since the sickening McConnell tape was shown a weekly TV reality series could be called “The Shelbyville Soap Opera.” For example, it was just learned that one pitiful horse that co-starred in the vile Nightline tape is three-time world champion Moody Star.

The horribly-traumatized horse, owned by Wilsene Moody Kwok (her husband is the executive director of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio), is now being trained and shown by Shelbyville’s Brad Davis, who has eight prior violations of the Horse Protection Act. The horse is now named “Star.”

Exum points out this sickening news:

The latest laugh is that when the judges for the upcoming 74th Celebration were announced on Wednesday, it was quickly discovered that three of the five people who were chosen have a total of 16 past violations of the federal Horse Protection Act between them. And the biggest kick in the face came when the Tennessee State Fair, to be held Sept. 7-16 in Nashville, stunned all of Shelbyville when it just aligned with the Kentucky-based National Walking Horse Association.

The NWHA is “dedicated to preserving and promoting the naturally-gaited walking horse and its welfare,” so the so-called “Big Lick” horses, with their stacks and chains and questionable trainers, will not be welcome in Nashville. The thugs are also learning — as Dr. Meadows knows only too well – that 50 years of soring and horse abuse will no longer be tolerated by the American people.

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5 thoughts on “CEO of Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is jumping off”

  1. Ya Know this is a dirty shame, there is nothing more beautiful then the God Given gait of a TENNESSEE WALKER, each has its own lovely gait, and should be enjoyed by all in a natural way……..to bad there are scums who could give a crap about the Horse , he is so genuinely gorgeous………True eye candy !!!!!!! I love the Ten. Walker the horse who saved my mind and my life is a Ten. Walker she is a Natural beauty with all the Natural attributes of the Ten. walker……


  2. This should have been shut down decades ago but greased palms said it will never be.
    Boycott the horse shows, help the rescues that take in the survivors of this horrible practice and work to end it forever. Now that the world knows about it put the pressure on the towns that host the horse shows that it had better not be found in their local shows.


  3. I know that this veterinarian is as guilty as the scum bag trainers…….There is no way he didn’t know that these horses had been sored……”SICK,SICK” and more SICK! It’s all about their selfish greedy pocketbook.A veterinarian takes an oath I’m not sure the exact wording but I know it talks about protecting animals…….What a sick human being that allows this type of cruelty and abuse to take place….He is just as guilty as the scum bag trainers their barn hands the owners and anyone involved in this act of cuelty!


  4. I hope the b******s get the same torture that they have perpetrated on the poor, suffering horses over the years. Let’s let every horse lover in the county have at them….


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