Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.

BLM bait trap Cloud’s herd

Cloud the Stallion. Photographer Unknown.
Cloud the Stallion oversees his territory in the Pryor Mountains on the Montana / Wyoming border. Cloud, whose life has been chronicled by Ginger Kathrens for the acclaimed PBS series bearing his name, protested when part of his herd was caught in a bait trap by the BLM. Photographer Unknown.

This is beyond disgusting, made even more so because — like all of the other BLM roundups — they are unnecessary. Men in the white hats indeed, playing cowboy. What a despicable way to make a living. To be proud of it is even more shameful.

The Associated Press reports:

POWELL, Wyo. — Cloud, the famous mustang stallion, was not a happy camper as he watched members of his band caught.

But U.S. Bureau of Land Management personnel from Billings, Mont., believe they’re the guys in the white hats as they capture excess wild horses so Cloud’s 38,000 acre range in the Pryor Mountains, which straddle the Montana-Wyoming border, can feed a healthy herd.

There are around 175 mustangs on the range. The appropriate management level is 90-120 horses. Bureau employees hope to catch 30 or 40 mustangs from four bait-trap sites to put up for adoption, said a bureau news release.

Cloud himself did not enter the bait trap but a few from his band reportedly did.

Three mustangs wandered into the trap, one of which was on Bybee’s keep list. Bybee eased over and closed the gate. The corralled mustangs were not happy, and they neighed shrilly. The ground thundered as the horses stomped about, drumming up equine displeasure from outside the trap.

Despite being incensed, Cloud was in his photogenic glory.

Rolling on his back, he whipped up dust like [a] cantankerous baker flinging flour. Then he raced his band around the site like a cheesy 1950s Western movie.

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Ginger is no doubt there, with her heart in her throat. As soon as we hear from her, we will be sure to post it here.

4 thoughts on “BLM bait trap Cloud’s herd”

    1. You will not be able to expect any better from the next if Obama does not return. Just as it was with previous administrations. It is disgusting. The loss of an American icon, our “protected” wild horses and burros. And for what?


      1. Just wrote the WH that I’ll have to sit out this election if there is no stop to this right now. I fully know how bad things will be all the way around if the other is elected, but something has to get his attention. Thanks for your posts – I plan to stay informed even though it hurts.


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