Sue Wallis and her father Dick. Image USA Today.

Sue Wallis’ begging letter to USDA for horse slaughter inspections

Sue Wallis and her father Dick.  Image USA Today.
Sue Wallis and her father Dick. Wallis is the leader of band of local politicians trying to return horse slaughter to US soil. Image USA Today.

The following is a letter from Sue Wallis and the latest version of her pro-horse slaughter group, sent to Agriculture Secretary Vilsak at the USDA, begging for horse slaughter inspections necessary to export horse meat and thereby saving the US horse industry.

The letter is based on the loosest interpretation of facts, or no facts at all.

Here are the facts:

  1. The horse industry is in good shape considering the economy providing thousands of jobs and contributing to the gross national product;
  2. The USDA does not have the budget to do all it needs to inspect and protect foodstuffs for Americans let alone money for this;
  3. The US still has a disposal system for horses via slaughter — it simply moved across the border;
  4. Approximately 140,00 US horses are killed for their meat per annum in Mexico and Canada, the same number as when horse slaughter operated on US soil;
  5. Horse slaughter exists for two reasons only — to supply the demand for horse meat and to make money off of it.

Items 3 and 4 destroy the basis of Wallis’ arguments to “re-instate” horse slaughter. It never left the building. How can you re-instate something that still exists. Nor does the slaughter of US horses need beefing up; it is stronger than ever.

Item 5 describes Wallis and the latest incarnation of multiple versions of her pro-horse slaughter group.

Now the letter.

July 31, 2012

The Honorable Thomas J. Vilsack
Secretary of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

On behalf of the International Equine Business Association and the horse businesses of the United States I am writing to urge your agency to immediately provide the inspection necessary to humanely and safely process horses in facilities that are ready to do so in the United States. The horse industry is already severely damaged because of the lack of market and options, and now with wide spread drought and wild fire damage, the situation is truly dire.

Attached please find an urgent petition, and background information supporting this letter.

USDA stands squarely in the way of enterprises that could offer some relief and a humane option for many of these horses. It has come to our attention that USDA is promulgating directives to states that indicate the agency has no intention of providing the inspection they are required by long-standing U.S. law to provide, and are actively discouraging state departments of agriculture from implementing any kind of state inspection. This singles out one class of livestock owner for economic harm and persecution that is extremely detrimental-leaving many with no option except to destroy valuable animals, or to sell them at pathetically low prices and allow them to be hauled to other countries out of U.S. jurisdiction. In the face of widespread natural disaster, some would say this is the height of hypocrisy and completely counter to the mission of the USDA to promote and responsibly regulate agriculture in this country.

Several horse processing facilities are ready to offer horse owners a fair price for the animals they desperately need to sell — or could be within days — to provide much-needed emergency relief. Markets for the product are ready to accept it domestically and internationally if the meat is USDA-inspected exactly as it was in 2007.

USDA should not stand in the way of much-needed, humane options for horses. Horses and horse people are uniquely suffering as a direct result of federal government inaction, and the Department’s refusal to provide the inspection services federal law requires USDA to provide.

Across the nation, states, tribes and private citizens are working hand-in-hand with the federal government to provide relief to every other breed of livestock, and every other kind of business, yet USDA stands directly in the path of the same relief for the horse industry.

This is a moral and ethical imperative that USDA must address without delay.


Sue Wallis, Chair
United States

Bill des Barres

Olivier Kemseke
European Union, Mexico, Argentina

If there really is a glut of horses in the marketplace (even though 140,000 or more are killed for their meat in horse slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada every year), then look no further than horse breeders who obviously need educating on the principles of supply and demand and its economic impact on the horse industry.

Plus, just because there is a market for horse meat does not mean the US should or must supply it.


If you are on Twitter, please tweet @USDA telling them how you feel about the return of horse slaughter on US soil. Only, ONLY if you can be polite. No room for angry statements here; just the facts please. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “Sue Wallis’ begging letter to USDA for horse slaughter inspections”

  1. Let’s have some semblance of decorum please! We all know how we feel personally but public name calling etc makes us look like a bunch of hotheads. This is not helpful for the horses and we will not allow it. Thank you.


  2. As to her credibility, in her home state of WY she is known to other lawmakers as “Roadkill Sue”. I am already advocating against slaughter on Twitter and will follow up.
    During email exchanges with Sue, I found her to make delusional statements. She actually denied my own experiences with horses being sold off open trucks and being rescued before final sale to slaughter. Some of the horses needed rescue immediately. This was back in the mid 1970’s in Cincinnati, OH.


  3. Excuse me for being candid……..”[Removed by Editor]”…Sue Wallis could not be any more ignorant or disgusting……Looks like she has eaten a whole cow and a couple of horses.

    Sue Wallis get a life leave the poor helpless animals alone I’m sure you are trying to get noticed for all of the wrong reasons, I know your self-esteem suffers but stop making everyone else and every loving beautiful creature suffer because of your short comings in life……..It’s totally unfair!….Find something else to do!


  4. “….on behalf of horse businesses”…..really? Who gave her the go ahead to beg on behalf of horse businesses who make their money from live horses? Humane relief? Moral and ethics? I’m gagging.
    Has anyone done a follow-up letter to Vilsack? (although it may not be necessary as she pretty much insulted him all on her own)


    1. Vilsak has heard from her before. Her previous rantings (and name calling) means she has no credibility in Washington, or anywhere else for that matter it seems. The pro-slaughter in DC will not use her or her arguments.


  5. According to Sue Wallis, providing horse meat inspections is the moral and ethical thing for the USDA to do. Perhaps Sue has a twisted mind at the least, but more than likely she is not just terrible wrong but is an evildoer who calculatingly wants to perpetrate tremendous suffering on innocent equines for money. She is filth.


  6. Actually it is quite funny to see the argument taken to this extreme, never mind the factual inaccuracies and logical flaws. Apparently we slaughter other species of livestock to provide them relief from adverse conditions. In a good economy, with no severe weather conditions, we should all be vegans, no?


  7. Perhaps the USDA’s actions, in not making inspectors available and discouraging horse slaughter facilities on the state level – should be construed as a gift.

    Part and parcel of the USDA’s primary mission is to ensure the safety and quality of the food produced in the United States, primarily for use by American consumers. There is NO substantial market for horse meat in this country; horses are not raised for food here, so this would be strictly to net profits from overseas sales.

    I was informed, by a gentleman who raises cattle for a living, that there is something inherently amoral in rendering ‘unwanted’ horses into food products. The overwhelming majority of these animals are acquired through a chain of events rather than tended to as true livestock traditionally raised for food is. The acquisition and transport of these animals is – and has consistently been – shrouded in criminality and a staunch refusal, by buyers or suppliers, to treat horses with any humanity at all. Is the pro-slaughter contingent attempting to assure these practices will be dealt with as soon as inspections are reinstated – as a sort of hostage negotiation?

    Oh, wait; none of that has been addressed at all, has it.

    First – show me that you have any true committment to the ‘humane’ treatment and processing of these animals BEFORE you’re given the tools of their destruction. Publicly and vocally lambaste kill buyers and transport companies for their refusal to abide by even the most basic of laws and legal documentation. Your silence on these issues is appalling. Even those in the business of raising animals for human consumption can and do advocate for humane treatment.

    Then – and before the killing starts – show the Public and lawmakers HOW, in the interim since the last slaughterhouse was closed, you’ve improved upon the methods for killing (excuse me: ‘processing’) these animals and the associated quantities of waste that will be any better than it was before 2007.


    Not that it would color my opinions or my committment to ensure horse slaughter NEVER becomes neither viable or profitable in this country, but this group of ‘horsemen’ are offering nothing, only issuing demands. This aspect of the equine industry has proven over and over it is a bastion of criminality and corruption on every level – including the profits derived from animals acquired cheaply, from questionable sources and raised by someone else. This is no form of animal husbandry OR ethical industry.


  8. Wondering if she ever seen how cruel and barbaric killing horses business is? Horses deserve better! This women clearly is on a hunt to kill horses today what tomorrow? Obama promised to not bring back horse slaughter, doesn’t that count for anything. Clearly people voted because they believed him, doesn’t that make him a lier? We need a hero and this women clearly is writing letters because she gets paid to. We the American people want the truth and this is not truth.


  9. What a Pig lady she is, she wants to get rich by killing our horses, she is a low life that should be running around the round pen and trying to lose some weight,


  10. What about not breeding so many horses? What about the drugs in the horses’ system that are prohibited to be used in animals for human consumption. She doesn’t even bring up those issues. Also, that over 80% of the American people are against horses slaughter. She is such a piece of work. I don’t understand why she is so gung-ho on the idea of slaughtering horses. I think I would throw up if I ever met her in person.


    1. Eileen, I hope you throw on her! She is such a twit. A stupid twit to boot. Lies come out of her mouth every time she opens it.


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