Package of horse meat, Switzerland, likely full of yummy cancerous toxins.

Horse owners clubs urge Governor to support horse slaughter in New Mexico

Cross-posted from the Washington Post via The Associated Press

Package of horse meat, Switzerland, likely full of yummy cancerous toxins.
Package of horse meat, Switzerland, likely full of yummy cancerous toxins.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — [AP] A group of horse owners and clubs is urging the governor to support a proposed horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, saying the closing of domestic facilities five years ago has caused “needless suffering under the cruelest of conditions.”

The New Mexico Horse Council, which represents more than 200 horse owners and 30 horse clubs, sent the governor a letter, saying an informal survey of its members showed 94 percent favor humane slaughter.

Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell said the governor received the letter, but her opposition to the facility has not changed. Continue reading >>

14 thoughts on “Horse owners clubs urge Governor to support horse slaughter in New Mexico”

  1. Right. I worked with the Wild Horse Annie campaign as a 5th grader. This fight has gone on for at least that long. All aspects of ending horse slaughter have to be addressed at the same time.
    If Congress is not feeling forced by public pressure, there will never be any law passed or any enforcement of any anti-slaughter law passed. Congress funds. A Presidential act alone will not be enforced with funds from Congress so it will sit on the books and never be effective.
    The campaign to close slaughter plants in the US eventually succeeded. Education is vital. Americans oppose slaughter and we have polls to show it. Unless we have a national prohibition on selling our horses to slaughter, it will never end. The feds and Congress have to act.
    Persistence pays in this issue, as it did with the enfranchisement of women or the end of slavery. This is an issue loaded with corruption and losses from innocent life to taxpayers.
    Voters have to get informed accurately and then act. They need education about this issue and that is why this blog is helpful. I post this on social media for anyone who wishes to get informed. Change starts with education.
    I have found that most people I tell about this horror have never heard about it and want to do something about it. The vast majority of voters are not involved with horses and don’t care until they are informed about the monetary losses and how slaughter affects them personally.
    Comprehensive public information helps motivate others to get involved. Numbers of active voters matters most of all.


  2. There is no chance that any horse killer will find any kind reception in NM. Everybody already stated that they need not apply there.
    A state like Ohio concerns me. We already have state Ag trying to use dog and dog breeding in the same manner horses are being used. Gov Kasich, elected by gerrymandering, has been voted as “worst in the nation” and is irrational and irresponsible in behavior. He simply does not care about Ohio.
    Sen Sherrod Brown of OH has already co-sponsored anti-slaughter law and will support any end to horse slaughter.
    We need to hammer Congress for national law with federal enforcement. No matter what the states do, national law with federal enforcement stands.
    Restoring defunding language for slaughter operations is a start but not enough. The Ag Committee will be able to go behind closed doors again and force a signature by threatening the nation’s business as a hostage-holding attempt. Their corrupt behavior was and is repulsive and is costing taxpayers 123 million dollars a year. If voters insist on electing corrupt Congress members, we would see another removal of defunding language as a political power play while blame is assigned to a President. (Clever, but no cigar. The truth came out later on.)


    1. “voters insist on electing corrupt Congress members”

      Is there anyone in Congress who doesn’t fit the bill???? It seems they are all corrupt and want to line their pockets with their big salaries, so who do you pick?

      What ever.


      1. Easiest and fastest way to find out who and what you are voting for in terms of tracking voting records is to access reports from a site called ( is just one site of many. You can also call your reps and senators and request information as to their votes. Check that information against accurate 3rd party information and see if it matches at all. That helps.

        Voters have to make the effort to get informed if they want to see better reps and make a difference.

        Relying on the usual news reporting is a mistake, as we all know. Corporate media serves corporate interests, usually serves up a mix of trivia and inaccurate stories and the usual message consumers hear is that “everything is bad”. The natural conclusion many reach is that they will not bother getting informed or voting at all. Obviously, that guarantees low voter turnout and that is an issue for a government relying on informed voter participation.

        Getting hooked up to reliable, accurate sites with reports on issues of the day helps with getting informed quickly. Research into which sources of information are accurate is essential for anyone who has an interest in any cause.

        It also helps if the site can refer users to effective actions which will make a difference. Passing that information along to others is helpful, too. The more information passed along to others, the more followers can help change the existing issue and find a solution.

        The old saying, “Throw all the bums out” never has worked and never will. Finding out voting records for reps and senators is the determining factor for voters. Everyone despises politics and that makes no difference. Voters have to get informed anyway.


    2. Animal advocates have been “hammering Congress” for at least 12 years, maybe longer, to get a federal bill through Congress banning horse slaughter. Unfortunately, the same legislators introduce the bill Congress after Congress who then do no work on the bill, so it fails. They have a laundry list of excuses, when the reality is they have no muscle, no power to make this bill happen, and possibly no real interest in it. It gives them a good animal friendly scorecard.

      Insofar as “national law with federal enforcement stands”, before the ink is dry on a bill signed into law banning horse slaughter, the horse slaughter camp will be working to figure out a way to overturn it. And they will find a way, just as they did with the Burns Amendment (wild horse issue).

      Although Americans have been slow to grasp the vision behind the “Horse Meat is Ugly” anti horse meat marketing campaign aimed at consumers, the Europeans have been quick to understand it. End demand for horse meat, no horses need killing to supply it.


  3. Thank you Governor Martinez for continuing to oppose this anything but humane practice. No responsible, caring horse owner would end a horse’s life by sending it to a slaughter plant.


  4. I live in NM, and saw the article in this morning’s Farmington Daily Times. IMO, the approval of toxic horsemeat for export only is a clear breech of ethics and indicates the U.S. has abandoned its commitment (if there is one) to a safe food supply for all the world’s people. It would be interesting to know if that violates agreements our government has signed with the U.N. regarding Human Rights and Agenda 21. As for the 200 horse owners (a rediculously small sampling!): Who are they? What were they asked? Do they equally represent the horse production “industry”, individual owners of as few as a single horse, and horse rescues? Did the 30 horse groups poll their entire membership, or was the decision made for them by the heads of their groups, as it has been for the AVMA and AEEP? Until these and other questions about this “informal poll” are answered in full, I can only conclude it’s seriously flawed and, therefore, meaningless.


  5. Governor Martinez, will not let it happen, so the trash bucket guy who states his business is sitting idle better pack it up, or open a shoe factory, he is ignorant.


  6. Everyone that reads these crazy reasons and tries to justify Horse Slaughter needs to watch what happens to these beautiful creatures of God..The Horse was made to work with man and be a companion animal to man not a food source that comes to the damn foreign countries through torture. Don’t let the ignorance of these foreigners take what is precious to us which are horses…And the GREED from all involved in America…That’s all it is Greed and a way to make money for low life idiots…..We need to stand together and STOP this horrific act that is aimed to helpless, innocent animals that don’t have a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  7. These people cannot even begin to know the ramifications of a Slaughter Plant in their Community, for starters first it brings no jobs, the smell of death in area is overwhelming, the water system is devastated (just ask the good people of Illinois, they still cant get the water clean), just a few reasons i could go on and on……………… THE MAIN REASON IS Horses were never meant for HUMAN Consumption, his purposes are far more important !!!!!!


  8. Oh yes, that pseudo-compassionate (read: selfish and irresponsible) defense of commercial horse slaughter, where anything but slaughter causes “needless suffering under the cruelest of conditions.”
    To myself and many others, slaughter is the cause of “needless suffering under the cruelest of conditions”.
    Plan for it, people, horses suffer fatal injuries and conditions that demand a decision on either treatment or end-of-life options on any given day. Be kind, euthanize.


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