Horse soring inspection. HSUS image.

Honest horse groups would cooperate when it comes to soring

Horse soring inspection. HSUS image.
A horse is inspected for soring. The USDA is undermanned and underfunded, and currently must rely on certain horse groups to conduct inspections necessary to enforce the Horse Protection Act. HSUS image.

Finding cooperation among the USDA and the groups certified by the agency to conduct inspections to enforce the Horse Protection Act and eliminate the soring of Tennessee Walking horses can be a big challenge.

Currently the USDA is forced to use outside inspectors because they are undermanned and underfunded.

In an OpEd for The Tennessean, the writer states:

    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture has wisely taken the first step toward decertification of three organizations that are supposed to regulate the walking horse industry. It should not let any outlandish claims from the foot-dragging groups distract it from this path.

    “SHOW Inc. is one of the three, out of 12 horse industry groups, who did not submit amended rule books to federal officials by a July 9 deadline. The rule changes focus on implementing tough mandatory penalties for soring and other abuse of show horses.

SHOW responds in a recently released statement:

“SHOW … has enforced stricter penalties than even the federal government, but this rule was written in a way that allows soring trainers to continue showing their horses, something to which we are totally opposed,” the statement said, quoting SHOW’s Dr. Stephen Mullins.

The OpEd, addressing this, responds:

    “There’s a term for this sort of logic: gaslighting. The USDA accuses you of being lax on soring? Just turn the tables; accuse the USDA of being lax … maybe it will stick.”

Concluding with:

    In a few weeks, the biggest event of the year, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, starts in Shelbyville. SHOW will be there, but so will federal inspectors. If, as SHOW suggested this week, the success of the Celebration will be affected, it will not be because of federal intervention, but because industry groups have had most of a year to do something about horse abuse, and failed miserably.

There’s more to this story, including a lawsuit filed by SHOW against the USDA alleging “the minimum penalty requirement is unconstitutional”.

Interesting in comments is a question I think anyone seeing the undercover footage by the HSUS of Jackie McConnell abusing and beating horses the Tennessee Walkers he trains. Why did it take the corporatized mega animal rights’ group a year to release it?

” . . . the people I have talked to said they would have called the authorities right then instead of waiting a year. After all didn’t Keith [Dane] say what he did was about the horses and they were being tortured every day and then knowing he had video that could stop it he waited a year before he released it.

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Chemical soring is the process of putting acidic products and irritating chemicals on a horse’s legs causing pain so the horse lifts his or her legs in an exaggerated fashion commonly called the “Big Lick”.

Mechanical soring includes the use of pressure shoeing causing pain to the bottom of the horse’s feet, again so the horse will lift his or her legs higher.

The practice of soring is most commonly found among gaited horses such as the Tennessee Walking Horse.


3 thoughts on “Honest horse groups would cooperate when it comes to soring”

  1. The absolute only way ALL OF THIS ABUSE ENDS is when ALL shows are banned by the powers that be & the ‘public’ says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Unfortunately, any of the ‘good folks’ will pay for this, but oh well. When we ALL are sick & tired of the extent in which some owners/trainers will go & do to an animal for a ribbon!


  2. This practice of soring has gone on forever…….It needs to have Stopped years ago the trainers just find new ways to torture and abuse these animals…….They will also put a horses on cross ties and no type of numbing agents and puncture two holes in the under side of the horses tail and cut the muscle the horse is twitched so tight and if it move I’ve seen trainers stab the with scissors in their guts and kick and beat them….So much cruelty takes place it need to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!These beautiful animals are being tortured!!!!!!!!!!!!


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