Wild Horse Bait Trap. Lovell Chronicle image.

Trapping Pryor Mountain wild horses no quick task

BRETT FRENCH reporting for the Billings Gazette writes:

Wild Horse Bait Trap. Lovell Chronicle image.
Bait traps have been set in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range like this one set up in the Layout Creek Area. The BLM is using the bait traps to gather excess horses that will be removed from the range. Lovell Chronicle image.

For the most part, it’s been no problem for Bureau of Land Management officials to trap wild horses in the Pryor Mountains this summer.

All they have to do is spread out a little horse kibble — hay, pellets and mineral licks — and wait for the horses to follow the trail of food into steel corrals. Then the gate is shut behind them.

“We’d be done in the first three days if we just took the first 40 horses that came in,” said Jim Sparks, manager of the BLM’s Billings, Mont., Field Office.

But the BLM doesn’t want to cull just any horses from the 175 mares, studs and yearlings that roam across the 39,000-acre wild horse range. They are looking for 40 specific individuals. Continue reading >>

1 thought on “Trapping Pryor Mountain wild horses no quick task”

  1. I went to this link yesterday & left 2 comments, neither of which did they post. Apparently, they don’t like hearing what people really think of the BLM.


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