PeTA Horse Meat Ad. Christopher Nelson Ad Agency image.

What does PeTA really think about horse slaughter

PeTA Horse Meat Ad. Christopher Nelson Ad Agency image.
PeTA Horse Meat Ad. Christopher Nelson Ad Agency image.

I don’t know about you, but we have seen PeTA quoted in various articles that it is better for the U.S. to slaughter horses on home soil than to send horses across the border for it.

In particular is this quote from Ingrid Newkirk in the Christian Science Monitor:

In an interview with the Monitor, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said the US should never have banned domestic horse slaughter – a stance that has put the organization at odds with other mainstream animal rights groups, like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

“It’s quite an unpopular position we’ve taken,” Ms. Newkirk says. “There was a rush to pass a bill that said you can’t slaughter them anymore in the United States. But the reason we didn’t support it, which sets us almost alone, is the amount of suffering that it created exceeded the amount of suffering it was designed to stop.

Our first reaction to seeing PeTA quoted this way was whoa, what’s going on here? The pro horse slaughter movement, who normally mentions PeTA only to ridicule them, have jumped all over quotes like this one saying hey look, even the extremist animal rights’ group PeTA supports a return horse slaughter on U.S. soil.

PeTA have addressed this in a post entitled Horse Slaughter: Setting the Record Straight AGAIN!

It states, in part:

Television news pieces airing today are advertised in such a way as to again misrepresent our stance on horse slaughter—just as some legislators also seem to have been misusing and misstating our position.

Let’s set the record straight once more, shall we? Please cut and paste this to your computer so you can forward it to anyone who gets it wrong. Thank you.

To be crystal clear: While PETA is appalled at the transport of horses to foreign destinations, which increases their stress and susceptibility to sickness and injury, and believes that the previous congressional action that ended the slaughter of horses in the U.S. was inadequate to address the problem of unwanted and abandoned horses, PETA does not support a reopening of horse-slaughtering operations.

Which is it?

Jade Marin, a volunteer for the Int’l Fund for Horses and a former PeTA supporter, takes this view:

I think PeTA has become so addicted to headline grabbing, that they make outlandish statements like Newkirk’s, then do a reversal to get even more attention.

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7 thoughts on “What does PeTA really think about horse slaughter”

  1. I am not with PETA on many issues they go way over the top.I can only see the undercover video they took in JAPAN of the slaughter of the most beautiful TB he knew every minute what was going to happen and even tried to get away.Haunts me to this day so I do not think they support slaughter in any way.


  2. I lost any and all respect for PETA on the horse slaughter issue. Horse slaughter is wrong and the organization has made a fool of itself and its members. They want to have their cake and eat it too (no eggs or dairy, though!).


  3. Nothing against PeTA, but I don’t think I would put them in the category of getting things done without sensationalism or objectifying women. The important issue is to find an organization that fits your philosophy and way of doing things and support them; take part in everything you can to defend and give a (right) voice to animals. Adopting a vegan lifestyle, you take action on their behalf that is 100% successful every time you sit down to a meal. Love that.


  4. I blogged about PETA’s stand on horse slaughter a while back (I don’t remember exactly when), and retracted when I read their statement. However, I saw a video about two years ago on Ingrid, and was quite convinced by her actions and statements in that video, that, notwithstanding PETA’s mission to champion animals and their welfare, they will euthanize when, in my opinion, it is unnecessary to do so. That said, PETA gets things done, but then so does the WSPA, IFAW, HSI, and a number of other big organisations without sensationalism and without objectifying women. Just my opinion.


    1. PETA has stated that in their view, animals are better off dead than owned. I don’t think my animals would agree with that, but that’s their excuse for killing so many of the animals that are surrendered to their “care.”


      1. Some of the greatest expressions of compassion and love have been expressed from human to an animal in need. That is yet another gift that they give us, and they pay a price for it. Just like us, animals want to live, be treated well and have a peaceful life.


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