Mascot. Source Image.

Racehorse Mascot won $240K, sold for $60 at New Holland

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Mascot. Source Image.
Mascot, the $240K winning Thoroughbred and bought for $60 at New Holland action, is given a second chance at life. Source Image.

Mascot didn’t even look good to the kill buyers.

Skinny, limping and filthy, he went for a mere $60 at Monday’s New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania.

In his career as a racehorse, he earned $241,901 for his owners, working right from the start with some of the sports’ most talented trainers. But those glorious moments in the winner’s circle were now far behind as he stood gingerly on his sore feet, trying to avoid the desperate kicks of other horses, tethered unnaturally close.

Finally, when instinct and adrenalin combined to provide the sheer strength to do it, he broke free. And where did he run? Well, straight into the arms of A-Circuit rider Melissa Rudershausen, his rescuer. Read full story >>

10 thoughts on “Racehorse Mascot won $240K, sold for $60 at New Holland”

      1. Dear Donna , just picked it , right to that quiet room now, i will report back to you when finished ….Thanks for recommending !!!!


  1. Faith restored, their are beautiful caring people , Thank You Melissa…………..One of the best Stories I have ever read !!!!!! Thank You Vivian !!!!!!!


  2. What a great story and a happy ending.

    It saddens me to no end to see what happens to some of these innocent creatures and how humans are responsible for such heinous treatment of them.

    Thank you Melissa Rudershausen.


  3. A wonderful outcome for this magnificent horse! I would love to see the “after” pictures and hear more about how he’s doing. Thank you for saving him!!!


  4. Fabulous Story. And again shows the humanity in at least some of my sport horse trainers/riders/teachers.. Dressage and Eventing.. Attracts some wonderful horse people.


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