Horse soring radiograph. USDA image.

Tenn. horse inspectors say USDA is de-certifying them over soring case

Horse soring radiograph. USDA image.
Some 49 nails were used to hold the pads together on this Tennessee Walking Horse. Horse soring is the practice of inflicting pain on a horse’s legs or hooves by chemical or mechanical means to produce the exaggerated high-stepping gait that wins top prizes at shows. USDA image.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee walking horse group that is suing the U.S. Agriculture Department over new rules to stop soring says it has received notice of decertification from the USDA.

The SHOW Horse Industry Organization needs the certification to perform inspections at horse shows. It received the notice after failing to meet a July deadline to adopt tougher inspection rules.

The decertification process is not complete, and SHOW said in a news release on Tuesday that it will have inspectors at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration later this month in Shelbyville. Continue reading at >>

Image not filed with original report.

4 thoughts on “Tenn. horse inspectors say USDA is de-certifying them over soring case”

  1. And a BIG GIANT middle finger salute to the SHOW Horse Industry Organization, with *love* from me. Until they ‘get’ the message that cruelty is wrong, they will continue to be battled by the growing number of people and organizations who/that love TW horses’ natural gaits just the way they are. The whole big lick thing is just some weird ugly little deep south secret that is finally being exposed for what it is….. blatant and extreme cruelty to animals.


  2. We all know that this “inspection” group never was effective with the old rules, and to believe that they will be with these is foolish. (fool me once..foolish). We don’t need USDA Horse Meat inspectors. We need their attention to this LIVE HORSE problem..


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