Starving abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World.

Starving and abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires dies

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Starving abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World.
Belinda Wheeler (left), Kelly Farmer and Billy Palmore work to get a burned horse to stand up so they could get him to Wheeler’s trailer Monday. The horse, who was malnourished before he was burned in the Creek County wildfires, was taken to a veterinarian for medical help, but he succumbed to his injuries shortly after, Wheeler said. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

OLIVE, Okla. – Efforts to save a starving horse that was left to fend for himself in this week’s wildfires were valiant, but the horse didn’t live much longer after he was rescued Monday.

Belinda Wheeler said she got the horse to a veterinarian, but he collapsed when she got him out of the trailer.

Billy Palmore had discovered the injured horse staggering down the road. Wheeler said Palmore told her he looked up and saw a “walking dead horse.”
The horse approached Palmore and put his head on his chest.

“The vet worked on him over an hour. I sat on the ground and petted him and told him I was sorry we didn’t find him sooner,” Wheeler said. “He sure fought.”

The horse had burns on his face, feet and legs, but Wheeler said he probably could have recovered from his burns if he had not been in such a weakened condition from malnutrition.

“Whoever had him had starved him. The (Oklahoma Highway Patrol — (580) 353-0783) wants to find out who it was,” she said.



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5 thoughts on “Starving and abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires dies”

  1. True Heros come in many ways and forms , these 3 Belinda, Kelly, and Billy , their Heroic efforts where a true thing of Beauty and full of true love, what they gave of themselves was amazing, what they gave to that horse was hope and a renewed faith, he knew you were there for him with comfort in his hour of need , this was a amazing display of what courage some of us a made of , and also the Vet was a hero in this also , I am sure he tried his very best to save him, Thank You to all Four of you Heros of the best kind !!!!!


  2. someone here in the high desert of california – think it was around adelanto – shot 6 horses they could no longer care for – think our local police and humane society trying to find who did it – here in the desert people just abandon animals they cannot care for – had a female pit bull running around where i live – i called humane and animal control – dont know if they found her – every time i went out she would just run – sad


  3. Thank You Belinda Wheeler, kelly Farmer and Billy Palmore for your Valor attempt to save this Horse, Thank You for filling his his last moments with hope and tenderness, this will not go unrewarded in a special way !!!!!


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