Horses tagged by the USDA for slaughter for human consumption.

Allen Warren White Paper discusses horse slaughter in US and Canada

Horses tagged for slaughter for human consumption.
Just because there is a market for horse meat does not mean the U.S. must or should supply it. Sources now say that 80% of horses slaughtered in Canada are US horses, a big increase from the previously reported 60%.

In his White Paper Allen Warren discusses the slaughter of Canadian and American horses. We will give you an excerpt to give you an introduction to the paper, or skip straight to it here.

It is to the eternal shame of both the United States and Canada that we allow the slaughter of our horses for foreign tables when neither country would even exist had it not been for the labor of these loyal creatures who have served us so faithfully for centuries, and for whom the thought of eating their meat is as alien to the vast majority of our citizens as consuming their dogs, cats and other pet animals.

It was the horse who literally carried Americans and Canadians on its back from the birth and throughout the early history of these two vast nations until well into the 20th Century, and who is still highly valued in both and bred and raised only for companionship, recreation and sports as their participation in these 2012 Olympic Games so vividly demonstrates.

Ironically it is our society’s continuing love affair with horses that has created a condition today that sends tens of thousands each year to suffer the terror and horrific death of being butchered in Canada and Mexico. As recently as five years ago this abomination was also allowed in the U.S. Its return has been made possible today because of a thin legal thread that is subject to the annual whims of Congress, and this was recently severed.

Although the current debate raging about equine slaughter in the United States and Canada may seem like a new hot button issue to younger generations in both countries, it has been around almost as long as the “horseless carriage” itself for almost 100 years and owes its origin in large part to three men, albeit one of them inadvertently, for changing the historic role of horses who were not domesticated for the human food chain but instead to help produce it.

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6 thoughts on “Allen Warren White Paper discusses horse slaughter in US and Canada”

  1. Having horses reclassified as companion animals as opposed to livestock has been proposed off and on during the ten years we have been working on behalf of horses. It met with great resistance in Texas in 2004 when we tried it.

    The idea is repeatedly rejected because of the tax credits given for breeding and raising livestock. Many horse owners do not want to give up deductions for livestock feed expenses for example. Trying to get the tax code changed to benefit companion animal owners and breeders in that regard alone as you can imagine is not something government at any level favors.


  2. I agree with the author that reclassifying equines as “companion/sport” animals and to remove them from the jurisdiction of both the USDA and the BLM. Both agencies are derelict in their duties mandated by Congress. Instead they mollify ranchers and energy/mineral companies who care nothing for the welfare of our equines but only their profits. In addition, breeders and sporting events should be better regulated to look out for the welfare of equines and not the industry that abuses them. Better agencies are needed. What do we do to get there?


  3. Thanks, Vivian The purpose of a White Paper is to create thought and discussion, and the more people who can see it the better. I’ve been in contact with CNN since it was circulated and even though I have no idea whether they will do anything with it, at least they have read it. Feeding time here at my zoo, but great chatting with you this morning. Allen

    Allen Warren Horse Harbor Foundation (360) 692-2851


  4. let me know what I can do and how I can help, more…….. I try to make sense of this, and educate people……. slowly but surely people are becomming aware… I am so saddened by the fact that this happens… I don’t comsume animal flesh of any kind…. and wish the world were a kinder place… but since that is not the case, let me know what I can do. It is really hard to read about this…….


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