Horse on his way to slaughter. Google image.

Family gives up on horse slaughter plant in New Mexico

Horse transporting to slaughter.
Horse transporting to slaughter.


MILAN SIMONICH reporting for the Las Cruces Sun-News writes:

SANTA FE — Entrepreneurs who wanted to slaughter horses and sell the meat in Europe suspended their plan Tuesday, complaining that the federal government stalled them into submission.

Valley Meat Co., a family business near Roswell, gave up after four months of seeking approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for a horse-slaughter plant, said A. Blair Dunn, attorney for the business.

A spokesman for the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service in Washington said Tuesday night that the agency has not done horse inspections in six years and simply needs more time to make sure it handles the job correctly.

But Dunn said that his clients, the De Los Santos family that owns the meat-processing plant, no longer could subsist while awaiting for a decision from the USDA. The family instead is restarting its cattle business, probably as soon as Monday.

“They’re suspending any plans for the horse-slaughter plant,” Dunn said in an interview. “It doesn’t look like anybody is going to get a grant of inspection for horse slaughter.”



In a press release issued by Front Range Equine Rescue the groups states that Valley Meat Company has been cited by New Mexico Environmental Board’s Solid Waste Division for year’s long violations of State law resulting in a fine or $86,400.

3 thoughts on “Family gives up on horse slaughter plant in New Mexico”

  1. Some good news finally……..No one in the US wants our horses to be slaughtered!!!!!!!!
    Or transported over the borders! Let’s keep working to end this forever! Let’s work for those that don’t have a voice “THE HORSES”


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