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WHOA has the answer for rectifying drug culture killing horse racing


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WHOA has the answer to the Source.image.

The recent Jockey Club Conference at Saratoga left a critical question lying on its 60-year-old Round Table: After all the talk about the drug culture that is killing our sport and our breeding industry, the organization’s vice chairman wished for a “magic wand” to rectify the problem, asking “Where do we go from here?”

WHOA has the answer: Water Hay and Oats on race day–and nothing else.

That Round Table is long littered with dozens of good intentions, proposed new rules, planned coalitions and public relations promises. Unfortunately, none matters without the force of law behind it. Trainers and veterinarians will never agree to give up the race day crutches of painkillers and furosemide. Legitimate trustworthy testing and competent enforcement are non-existent. Individual state laws and regulations will never be uniform or effective until ingrained and conflicting self-interests are overpowered by federal legislation that holds owners, trainers and tracks responsible and imposes stiff penalties for violations.

The Interstate Horseracing Improvement Act now pending before Congress enables the Thoroughbred industry to do what it says it wants to do – clean up horseracing. An industry serious about doing so must either unite behind this bill or come up with an alternative that overrides the divisions indigenous to the sport. For horseracing has repeatedly proven itself incapable of recovery by amiable consensus.

A federal law is not a death sentence. We have some very good ones. In this case, it is a hope for survival.

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Your voice is important to WHOA’s efforts to ban race day medication in American horseracing.

Please use the link below to learn more and JOIN the Water Hay Oats Alliance TODAY

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