Oreo the Reluctant Central Park Carriage Horse

Three injured when Manhattan carriage horse Oreo bolts and breaks free

Cross-posted from the New York Times

Written by ANDY NEWMAN

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A spooked carriage horse burst out of line near Central Park on Thursday, thundered into the busy traffic on Columbus Circle, dumped his driver and two passengers, struck two cars, shed the wreckage of his carriage and ran free for four blocks before being captured on Ninth Avenue, the authorities and witnesses said.

Three people were injured, the police said.

The horse, a 6-year-old draft gelding named Oreo who has a white and brown coat, suffered a minor scratch to his muzzle, said the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which enforces carriage-horse regulations.

The accident was the latest mishap involving carriage horses near the park. The periodic accidents, some of them resulting in serious injuries, help feed a growing campaign by advocates for animals to ban the carriage-horse trade in New York.

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3 thoughts on “Three injured when Manhattan carriage horse Oreo bolts and breaks free”

  1. Poor Oreo; New York can be a very spooky place! I hope the City of New York gets its *** successfully sued FOR BIG DOLLARS due to this accident. Maybe then Bloomberg will recognize that the carriage trade is dangerous, and causes damage, injury, suffering – to people and animals. I only hope the lawsuits are successful for the sake of the horses. I don’t care about the tourists or the driver; they support this abysmal industry.


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