Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.

Pryor Mountains wild horse adoption set for Sept. 8

Cloud the Stallion. Photographer Unknown.
Cloud the Stallion oversees his territory. Cloud, whose life has been chronicled by Ginger Kathrens for the acclaimed PBS series bearing his name, protested when part of his herd was caught in a bait trap by the BLM. Photographer Unknown.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management says at least 38 wild horses captured from the Pryor Mountains will be sold at auction Sept. 8.

The horses were captured this summer in an effort to thin the herd and prevent overgrazing at the Pryor Mountain National Horse Range along the Montana-Wyoming border.

Fourteen geldings, 20 females and four foals will be offered at the competitive bid adoption at the Britton Springs Corrals north of Lovell.

The BLM is still seeking to capture up to six more horses from the Pryors this summer. Those also may be included in the sale.

Minimum bid for each animal is $125.

For more information, call (406) 896-5222.

6 thoughts on “Pryor Mountains wild horse adoption set for Sept. 8”

  1. FYI ,Adult “female” horses are called “mares” regardless as to whether they have had a foal or not. ,……It is not an esoteric word. It is an indicator about the removed impersonal attitude that is being taken by those that are in charge. So sad. It is heartbreaking to watch footage of helicopters rounding wild horses up and running the herds to shear exhaustion, including. some of the foals, to death. Its really hard to forget! I know that the horses are not endemic but they do represent a very real part of our past here in America. We don’t think twice in glorifying what all the Europeans have done in this country in the last 400 years, and is now priceless history that is preserved in the history books , but the horses that carried them and are intertwined with us and made so much of it possible, are to have no recognition. And in fact the last few remaining survivors that exist, are to be coldly eradicated. There is something magical about the fact that we have some wild horses living wild in this country. Just watched Airiel America and the negative commentary was so pointed, when it came to the small bands of wild horses left in the wild. To them its ok to transform huge parts of this country developing huge cities and dams forever changing the ecology of the whole United States but a small band of horses running wild is really destructive.


  2. Barbara, Thank you for the information the capturing of our wild horses is horrible…I am against the whole process ….Let’s only pray that the captured horses get wonderful homes like all of us provide for our horses….I will pray that it will happen for these beautiful creatures of God! Thank you again


    1. Peggy, the BLM would just capture them again. They need to go to good homes where they will be safe.
      The foals should have been left with their mothers. They still need milk.
      This is just more”managing for extinction”.


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