Regulation to safeguard racehorses hits snag in Ky


Cross-posted from Sacramento Bee

Phenylbutazone anti-inflammatory molecule. Science Photo Library image.
Phenylbutazone anti-inflammatory molecule. Science Photo Library image.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A proposed regulation that would allow only government veterinarians to administer race-day drugs to horses has hit a snag in Kentucky.

Lawmakers refused to give their OK on Monday, citing a disagreement among the thoroughbred industry over the controversial proposal.

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission had previously approved the regulation that also would set lower limits on the amount of the anti-inflammatory drug phenylbutazone that could be given to horses within days before they race.

Lawmakers will soon consider an even more controversial regulation that would institute a race-day ban on the anti-bleeding drug furosemide in some of the state’s biggest races, including the Kentucky Derby. Read full report >>

So down the slippery stretch to nothingness they come. -ED


4 thoughts on “Regulation to safeguard racehorses hits snag in Ky”

  1. You are so right Barbara. That’s why so many members of Congress are afraid to cross them on horse slaughter or any other issue sympathetic to horse welfare. The Presidential candidate also feel they need them to get re-elected and then “they will help the horses”. Not one of them has ever kept that promise insofar as I can see.


  2. Congressman Rogers is a disgrace to KY. He is pro-slaughter also. Some in D.C. will do anything to get campaign finance money. Big Ag, Cattlemen’s Assoc. and Farm Bureau back them IMO.


  3. Golly, I just can’t believe “the industry” wasn’t 100% behind this!

    (Have tied my hand behind my back so I won’t make any more snarky comments today. Activists, keep agitating!)


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