Horse Cents: Cost effective horse care

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief of The Horse writes this about the August issue:

HHorse in neatly arranged stable. Photo credit: Andy Bernay-Roman / Flckr.
Horse in neatly arranged stable. Photo credit: Andy Bernay-Roman / Flckr.

“This month’s cover story breaks down the copious financial aspects of horse ownership. In any area of life—and especially with horses—being deliberate in planning for a variety of expenses typically can save you money and offer some peace of mind. And in a time where board payments and farrier appointments might seem to come around more quickly than we like, and early drought-dried pastures foreshadow larger hay and grain bills, planning for expenses becomes especially crucial. (This includes expected and unexpected expenses—yes, your horse will find a way to lose a shoe or scratch a cornea.) To this end we’ve built a downloadable budget form to help you with your planning.

“Among the additional aspects of ownership that can get spendy are facilities. And who better to walk you through building a barn on a budget than Alayne Blickle, who authors the Smart Horse Keeping Blog on Alayne and her husband recently moved their ranch from Washington to Idaho, and they put a lot of time and thought into planning their guest ranch before planting the first post. She provides a number of practical, horse-health focused barn solutions and time savers in her article on page 51. (If you’re not already subscriber, you can purchase the August issue of The Horse. Preview the cover story.)”

Photo credit: Andy Bernay-Roman


Insuring Your Horse for a Humane End; Vivian Grant Farrell; Int’l Fund for Horses.

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