Kentucky State Sen. Robin Webb (D-18).

Kentucky legislators had no warning on medication reform vote

Kentucky Snake - The Hognose. Image from
The fangs are out whenever the HBPA get around horse racing issues. In our opinion, their thinking and activities are absolutely sinful. Image from

There is absolutely nothing benevolent concerning horses or the racing industry when it comes to any of the Horsemen Benevolent and Protective Associations that we can see. Time and time again they work to protect what they deem their interests and against anything that has the slightest appearance of having a positive impact on horse racing.

The loathsome thinking and activities of the Kentucky chapter is no exception.

Check out this post from the Paulick Report.


    “Turns out the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and supporters of medication regulation reform in Kentucky weren’t the only ones blind-sided on Monday when the state legislature’s Licensing and Occupations Committee rejected rules designed to change how Lasix is administered on race-day, eliminate the use of adjunct bleeder medication, and lower the permitted threshold for phenylbutazone. Members of the committee were blind-sided, too, since a vote on the issue was not on the agenda for the meeting.

    “The proposed rules changes, developed by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium and approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission earlier this year, were rejected by a 19-1 vote of the legislative committee, with four members not voting. Republican Sen. Damon Thayer was the only member to support the rules changes.

    “The maneuver to bring the regulations up for a surprise vote was orchestrated by the Kentucky Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association. The committee chairman, Democratic Rep. Dennis Keene, met recently with representatives of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and said he saw no problems with the regulations, sources told the Paulick Report.”

Surprise vote indeed, manipulated behind the scenes by the hard-woking KHBPA. Yet, in a letter responding to a statement by the Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association , Kentucky State Senator Robin Webb (in the same post) states:

Kentucky State Sen. Robin Webb (D-18).
Kentucky State Sen. Robin Webb (D-18). Image from Kentucky State Democrats website.
    “The KRC, Governor’s office, or any equine organization, made no attempt to communicate with this committee member regarding this regulation prior to its non-agenda presentation for a vote. The topic has not been vetted in our active Interim Agriculture Committee, and our Sub-Committee on Horse Farming has not even met regularly to discuss the issues of the day, including this one. These are both committees that have subject matter jurisdiction pertaining to the horse industry.”

There’s more so keep reading >>

When it comes to the HBPA, we say “no fangs”.

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