Three Angels' Farm horses on their way to slaughter. Google image.

Terri’s Farm, hauling after Three Angels shut down, now shut down

Three Angels' Farm horses on their way to slaughter. Google image.
Three Angels’ Farm, horse slaughter buyers and transporters, were shut down by the US Dept of Transportation for numerous violations following citizen complaints. They began to operate under the name Terri’s Farm which the USDOT have now shut down. Google image.

Note: Image not filed with the following Press Release.


U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Terri’s Farm to Shut Down
FMCSA finds company reincarnation of out-of-service truck company

(Aug. 31, 2012) — WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered Tennessee-based truck company Terri’s Farm to immediately cease all interstate transportation services based on evidence that it was a chameleon operation for an unsafe truck company previously shut down by the agency.

“Safety is our top priority,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “Truck companies that choose not to operate safely have no place on our nation’s roadways.”

Following a thorough review of the company’s operations, FMCSA shut down Terri’s Farm after finding that it was operating the same vehicles, and maintaining the same operational and safety management structure as former horse transporter Three Angels Farms.

On June 29, 2012, FMCSA ordered Three Angels Farms, its officers and vehicles out of service after safety investigators found multiple safety infractions that substantially increased the likelihood of serious injury to the traveling public. Among the findings, investigators discovered that the company permitted its drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles without commercial driver’s licenses and did not conduct proper controlled substances testing of its drivers. Additionally, during the past eight months, the former Three Angels Farms had two accidents involving poorly maintained vehicles and fatigued or disqualified drivers, which resulted in the deaths of four horses.

“Today’s action is another step toward raising the bar for commercial vehicle and roadway safety,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro. “It sends a strong and important message that companies who attempt to evade safety regulations by reincarnating will be found and removed from the road.”

In keeping with the department’s commitment to safety, on May 31, as the result of a year-long investigation, FMCSA announced that it had shut down 26 commercial motorcoach operations, declaring them imminent hazards to public safety. This action was the largest single crackdown in the agency’s history. Over the last several years the Department of Transportation has taken aggressive efforts to strengthen motorcoach safety and enforcement, doubling the number of inspections of the nation’s estimated 4,000 passenger bus companies.

A copy of the imminent hazard out-of-service order can be viewed at

Source: US Dept of Transportation Press Release

11 thoughts on “Terri’s Farm, hauling after Three Angels shut down, now shut down”

  1. Wow Peggy K., this piece of garbage would not take your ‘top dollar’ for that load of horses. So, the way I see it….he has a hate on for horses – period, as well his family! If he has lots of horses still on his proptery & is fined to the max, this low life SOB will send them & more to slaughter to pay for it. His mind is gone…feels NOTHING, he will find a way, just like the comment above OUT OF CONTROL…OR those horses there will be starved to death? This ‘sicko’ will NEVER learn & has made a ‘career’ of killing horses for $$$ …. so I do have to wonder how he continues to ‘walk’ around & why he hasn’t been permanently stopped??


    1. Mr.Ayache continues to have horses trucked from his farm to slaughter. Where are Wilson County authorities enforcing the law? Unfortunately this area of middle Tn is full of horse traders,dishonest auctions, and horse breeders who are more concerned about money than horses.


  2. It is good to see the latest eruption of this constant Ayache mess get shut down again. He needs constant surveillance, no matter what. He will simply start again until he succeeds in his mission of death for any innocent horse unlucky enough to be obtained.

    Anyone who sells to this death merchant needs to be named online and Ayache’s trucks needs to be identified and stopped.

    This all costs us tax dollars.

    Ayache, like a lot of career criminals, can’t learn and will not change. Someone will have to stop him from endangering others lives. TN can’t pay the bills for Ayache forever. He is out of control and a danger to all until he is permanently stopped.


  3. Well lets talk about the worthless piece of *** named Dorian Ayache at Three Devils Farm as I see it…..Shortly after the first incident I called this poor excuse of a human being that is a waste of oxygen on earth asking to buy the truck load of horses that had wrecked telling him I would buy them all and to name his price he told me the horse had gone to Oklahoma to their new homes ….I ask if he could stop the truck and I would purchase them at top dollar he said it would be impossible……..I ask why?…Then I said is it because they are going to Mexico to be slaughtered?…He said so what if they are? I then said I hope you and your wife can sleep at night you low life piece of **** ….I then sent him a pet sympathy card saying in memory of all of the pets that you have killed at your hand I hope you rot in Hell enclosed I put graphic pictures of Horses that were Slaughtered……He does have a family that knows about what he does the wife stands behind him how sick its all about money we all know that ….He won’t talk to any reporters ……He is SCUM of the earth!


  4. As someone who app mare to Ms. Vincent She is nothing but a liar who takes advantage of novice owners. She representsr what is wrong with Appaloosas in Tn. As.I emailed her she told me anyone who.opposed horse slaughter in Tn was affiliated with a truly sad lot. By the way please visit real estate in Tn She wants a million dollars for her farm. How many slaughtered horses paid foe this?


  5. Ayache is worse than a toilet bowl stain that won’t go away, I dearly pray the court will charge him for contempt of court for violation of the previous order and add substantial fines.


  6. Is it ‘only a dream’ for rescues/private buyers to get those horses at either farm – sale of some sort ?? Or will he posibly send them with another trucker, still collecting something $$ ?


  7. I’ll take any bit of good news. This man is a pig and should be shut down.
    Let’s hope the horses at ” three angels” (what a sick joke) are ok. He’ ll never “get it” .. He probably thinks he’s a victim. Does his family/friends know how he makes his living? Can you image shaking THAT hand????


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