Tennessee Walking horses watches worriedly from stall. HSUS image.

Walking horse owners, animal rights activists battle


Tennessee Walking horses watches worriedly from stall. HSUS image.
Tennessee Walking horse watches worriedly during soring investigations conducted by HSUS.

Cross-posted from The Tennessean

Horse owners and a national animal rights advocacy group squared off Friday morning, holding news conferences to sway public opinion of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry.

The Humane Society of the United States went first, bringing along a convicted horse abuser who contends it is impossible for trainers to win shows without soring, burning, or otherwise injuring legs or feet of horses. Such actions speed development of an exaggerated gait in the breed, prized by many.

An hour later, the Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization insisted the “big lick” gait can be developed through humane training. While the group acknowledged past abuses, it says it believes most people in the industry run clean training programs. Continue reading >>

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3 thoughts on “Walking horse owners, animal rights activists battle”

  1. Walking Horse Owners are so full of ***…..I own 2 natural flat shod Tennessee Walking Horses and use to be in the Walking Horse World NEVER EVER winning because I never allowed the torturous acts to be done on my Horses…I bought this horse and like so many people that make payments on cars I as a teenager made payments on a beautiful bay Stallion that I rode everyday never ever placing yes he had built up shoes which I use to say was like a woman wearing high heels never realizing as a teenager that was also not good for him…I paid $15,000.00 dollars for this horse and soon realized the Walking Horse world was NOT for me. I ended up selling him for $1500 dollars to a wonderful family to live his life as a trail horse..I had compassion and a Heart none of which these owners or Trainers have I don’t care which one it is…This is not natural for the Horse to step that High and I have stated that I would like an invitation to spend a week to ten days at a well known barn with video cameras day and night …I have walked in on so many barns while helping look for horses to be donated to the mounted patrol divisions in Nashville..Only to see crippled horses trying to walk from being sored….The crippling to many horse trainers they say is temporary to me it is a lifetime of physical and mental abuse that these horse have to live with …There is no such thing as Temporary and none of it is acceptable so they can achieve their goals to make money at the expense of a living, breathing life! I Challenge anyone that shows horses to take me up on my OFFER like I said before I won’t hold my breath in waiting for an invitation!


  2. Their full of it if they think any horse can be trained to raise their feet as high as is shown in some of the photos without being forced to do it. All of the trainers know just what they have all done and are trying to get their crooked A’s out of it. This big lick should be banned at all shows starting now. Then see just how many shows any of them win any prizes at.


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