A racehorse steps onto the track during training. Image by Clarence Alford.

NM track announces crack down on certain horse doping

A racehorse steps onto the track during training. Image by Clarence Alford.
A racehorse steps onto the track for training. Image by Clarence Alford.

That’s not exactly how the cited article headlined it. I included the word “certain”. However “certain” is used in the opening paragraph of the article. So let’s have the headline reflect the true content of the story.

All of these meaningless promises about cracking down on certain racehorse doping are made at the time of the premier Quarter Horse race of the year.

Sound familiar?

Just read this and try not to choke laughing or shake your head off in disbelief.


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RUIDOSO DOWNS, N.M. (AP) — The majority owner of Ruidoso Downs Race Track in southern New Mexico said Monday he’ll be cracking down next season on trainers whose horses test positive for certain drugs.

R.D. Hubbard announced the new guidelines for the 2013 season on Labor Day, as the track was hosting the world’s richest quarter horse race, the All American Futurity.

“The sign is out that drug offenders are not welcome at Ruidoso Downs Race Track and in New Mexico,” Hubbard said in a statement.

Hubbard plans to work with state regulators as well as other tracks in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana to implement similar guidelines to discourage doping. He has the support of the American Quarter Horse Association. Read more >>

The next line demonstrates how clueless these people either are, or want to appear to be. “Cleaning up the nation’s horse tracks has been a hot topic for months.” Months? Try years.

Joe Drape of the New York Times has been writing on racehorse doping for many long years littered with the corpses of hundreds if not thousands of horses. Sadly, we are not talking just about illegal drugs here. But what difference does that make, really?

You see how many real changes have been made. Virtually nada. And the ones the good of horse racing have managed to get through have no teeth, or simply not enforced.

U.S. horse racing is beyond irrelevant; it is an embarrassment — a tragic embarrassment.

4 thoughts on “NM track announces crack down on certain horse doping”

  1. who ever started the idea that they had to start training at 1year of age, race horses legs are to thin to put that much pressure on their legs. the QH`s are slidding to stops by the time they are 7 or 8 i bet their joints look like a 18 year olds. TB should not be ridden until they are really 3 years old maybe they would live longer and have a better quality of life instead of needing drugs all their lives. but what the hell they are just dumb animals for man to use abuse and kill. ask the BLM about horse care they want to kill off all the mustangs in the next few years. God will take care of all his animals even the evil ones called man.


  2. US horse racing is totally out of touch. Trainers don’t know how to train anymore. All they can do is drug, drug and then drug some more. Calling themselves horsemen is an insult to what few remaining there are and many of them are in the winter of their lives so to speak. One thing all horse racing has in common worldwide is slaughter. Breed em, use them, dump em. That’s the name of the game. I wish gamblers would bet on something else. There’s plenty to be had. That would make horse racing disappear faster.


  3. Amen mpclark. I think the AQHA does admit its mission is to breed and slaughter as many of its horses as it wants. This is admitted by the pro-slaughter lobbyists it hires to convince and payoff the AVMA and the AAEP and politicicans who could care less about horses, but defend the rights of the AQHA to send to slaughter thousands of horses. Horse racing and the AQHA are an embarrassment and will end up like boxing in this country. I wonder how many of their members actually know how it is the money in slaughter that propels the AQHA, not the humanity.


  4. Anything the AQHA does to QH’s ends up costing the horse. That we know. And of course, the most bred, dumped and killed is our own American Quarter Horse.
    I wonder when the AQHA finally admits that its mission is to breed, sell and kill as many horses as possible?
    I love any scrutiny the AQHA can get from any competent, ethical media source. Maybe this work will save an innocent life or even lead to an end to slaughter and PMU.


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